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Most Expensive Soaps in India 2022

There are wide varieties of soaps in the market in different price ranges. Premier quality soaps from some popular brands are priced high for their desirable properties. The best soap can assure a clean and refreshing bath without any side effects. Expensive soaps are made of exotic ingredients that can promote the overall well-being of the skin. If you have some special requirements in the soaps you buy, you can check the most expensive soaps in India. When you are willing to pay that extra price for a good soap, you have some good options to consider. Here I have pooled up a list of most expensive soaps in India that are preferred for their sharp advantages over the others like ingredients, effectiveness, health benefits and price.

Most Expensive Soaps in India

Forest Essentials Luxury Sugar Soap

Forest Essentials has blended its luxury sugar soap with cardamom and hence the soap has gained a rich aroma. This brand makes some of the finest soaps available in the market and their premium quality soaps are priced the highest in the Indian market. The soap gains its amazing properties from the natural oils infused in it. These natural oils are known for their deep reaching action on the skin for skin rejuvenation. This soap can easily remove the dirt particles and can retain the texture leaving he skin with a soft and gentle feel and appearance.

This is a handcrafted soap and has cane sugar in its formulation, which is a rare ingredient to expect in soaps. Sugar is known for its cleansing action and hence you will find this one of the most effective soaps you can buy. This soap is highly in demand and so you might not find it available freely. The high price tag of this soap is one downside to this choice. However, you get more value in terms of its desirable characteristics for your skin.

Kaumudi Skin Brightening Soap

If achieving fairness is your top expectation from a soap, this is a good option to try. Kaumudi’s skin brightening soap has some rare combination of ingredients like turmeric and myrrh that make it very expensive. This combination is known to brighten up the skin complexion. As per the manufacturer’s literature, this soap is meant to remove the blemishes from the skin and lighten the complexion by reducing the pigmentation. This soap can make the skin look radiant and glowing all through the day with a single time use. This soap can suit all skin types and is highly relied upon by the users to achieve a youthful look and reduce the signs of aging in the skin.

Kaumudi is one of the most reliable and premier brands when it comes to soaps. Though the skin brightening soap is an expensive offering by the brand, the highly desirable effects anticipated in the soap justifies the price. As per the user reviews, you get what you pay for in this soap due to its fine quality ingredients. 

Kama Ayurvedic Soap

Kama is a very expensive brand in India. Its products are among the premium range since Kama has the biggest reputation among the Indian users as the manufacturer of offering natural and pure products based on herbal ingredients. Kama has infused sandalwood oil in the making of this soap and hence this is an expensive one available today. Sandalwood oil is very effective in curing the skin blemishes and remedy acne, black marks, and pimples quickly. Due to its highly desirable actions on the skin, sandalwood is one of the most popular ingredients in premium quality soaps.

Regular use of this soap is known to lighten the marks on the face that is hard to achieve with the normal soaps. This is a highly desired soap for toning up the skin, sooth it and make it supple and soft. In this soap, you get one of the best value products and as a luxury offering, this is a great option worth trying to rejuvenate and tone up your skin.

Mysore Sandal Premium Gold Soap

Mysore Sandal is one of the best known brands among the Indian households. Mysore Sandal has a long line of soaps among its offerings and Mysore Sandal Premium Gold Soap is one of its super-premium products that is among the most expensive soaps in India. This soap is known for its exceptional action on the skin. The main ingredients in this soap are natural products carefully sourced to promote the overall well-being of the skin. The principal action of this soap on the skin is brightening. It has also some desirable properties to improve the skin texture.

Using this soap after a sunny day can refresh and rejuvenate the weary and tired skin. This soap has a deep cleansing and nourishing action on the skin and hence can remove the dirt and fatigue in the skin in an effective way. The best point about the soap is its rich essential oils content. It can cure the damaged skin and promote the natural glow further.   

Roots Botanica Ultra Clear Soap

Roots Botanica soaps are known to suit all skin types and the best merit of this product is its all-natural ingredients. This is a mild category soap that can work equally well on all skin types. Best suited for sensitive skin, this soap can promote the skin glow significantly upon regular use. This soap is compact in size. It dissolves easily and hence will last for a shorter time than the other soaps. This is an odorless soap that can give best results both with regard to cleansing and skin rejuvenating actions.

When compared to other soaps this soap does not last for many days due to its compact size and quick dissolving composition. Hence, you will need to add a few more numbers of this soap to your shopping list. However, users say you get what you pay for in achieving a fairer and fresher skin while using this soap and hence this soap has a huge following among the Indian households.

Natuur Soap

Natuur is relatively a newer brand to the Indian market but has been offering a few interesting and premium quality products. The main line of ingredients in this soap are besan, turmeric, and saffron which have been used popularly for achieving a bright and glowing skin down the ages in the Indian households. Offered for both men and women, this skin brightening soap has a deep cleansing action on the skin bestowing effective results in toning up the skin and improving its texture. The manufacturer says this soap works well on all skin types and in case of combination skin, this soap gives everything you will need to achieve the perfect skin. The manufacturer recommends using lukewarm water to achieve best results.

This soap contains a highly effective formulation in remedying a wide range of skin issues and promote the overall skin texture, glow and wellness. Despite its high price, this soap can be depended on for its highly desirable action on the skin.

Park Avenue Soap

Park Avenue is a well-known brand in the global consumer market. This brand has delivered one of the top-selling soaps in this offering. This is a premium quality soap costing high and can be highly depended on for its rejuvenating and deep cleansing action on all skin types. Known for its effective action on any type of skin, this soap can help achieve a glowing skin with regular use. It is known to remedy the blemishes on the skin and improve the overall skin health in several ways resulting in a supple and soft skin with a fine texture. This is primarily a soap for men and hence the manufacturer has infused a masculine scent in its formula. The aroma of this soap can last for so long after the shower.

The skin healthy properties of this soap ensues from the clove oil which is a main ingredient in this soap. Since the soap does the action of cologne, you will not need to use cologne after the shower to complete the scent. Deemed as one of the most desirable soaps you can find in the market, this soap is highly known for its skin healthy characteristics. As the best value offering, this soap can give highly satisfying results on your skin. 

Cetaphil Soap

Cetaphil soap is known as one of the deep action soaps that has a host of skin healthy properties. This is a mild soap that can work like a great moisturizer on the skin. It has a deep cleansing action that can penetrate deep into the skin and remove the dirt and grime that has entered the skin pores. Regular use of this soap can keep your skin fresh and clean by improving the texture and glow. It is known to remedy the blemishes on the skin and help retain the youthful appearance.

Cetaphil soap can unclog the skin pores and keep them open and well-nourished all the time. In achieving a soft texture, this soap can be your trusted companion. Users say the rejuvenating and refreshing action of this soap is instant and hence you will land on the best satisfaction after a shower. Despite being one of the most expensive soaps, this is a top selling one due to its highly desirable properties.

How to choose the right one from the most expensive soaps?

When you buy an expensive soap, you must ensure that the soap can fulfill your expectations. Otherwise, your money is only wasted down the drain line. In addition to removing the dirt and refreshing the skin, a good soap must also rejuvenate the skin with some extra benefits. Here is a buying guide when you wish to choose from the most expensive soaps.

Your skin type

Skin type is a crucially important factor to focus on while buying a soap. If you have a dry skin, go for soaps that have moisturizing qualities. Those with oily skin can consider soaps with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. Remember that a wrong soap can result in some serious dermatological issues in the long run.

Type of soap

The type of soap refers to whether it is handmade or industry made. The conventional type of soaps that are manufactured in bulk have some harsh chemicals and so they can cause rashes or affect the skin adversely. For a safer option, it is good to go for home-made soaps. Most handmade soaps are vegetable oil based. They have hydrating and moisturizing properties that can leave the skin rejuvenated and toned up. Some very good handmade soaps have essential oils that bestow some added advantages to the skin.


Ingredients of a soap are an important aspect to focus on while trying to source the best soap. Look for herbs, essential oils, and a certain amount of glycerin in the soap you buy that can help balance the pH of your skin.

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