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Most Popular Chocolate Brands in India 2021

Who doesn’t love a bar of chocolate during…Who am I kidding! 

There’s never a bad time to have chocolate. 

The brands that have been giving us the best chocolate have been consistent for a long time. There have been a great variety of chocolates that are so delicious and you always have a second favorite to your most favorite chocolate. 

So here we have the most popular chocolate brands in India that you must check out. 

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Amul Chocolate 
Lotus chocolates 
Mahak chocolates 
Hershey chocolates 

After having reviewed all the chocolate brands in India based on various factors like taste, ingredients, price and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 11 brands that really stood out. Chocolates from these 11 brands were put through a series of tests to determine the best. We found that:

The most popular chocolate brand in India without a doubt is Cadbury. Not only is it extremely affordable but it also stands out in terms of taste. For example, Cadbury Dairy Milk with its smooth and creamy texture is one of the most popular chocolate brands in India.

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Top Most Popular Chocolate Brands in India 


best chocolates in India

Cadbury has been the comfort delicacy for many Indians because of how easily available it was. The chocolates that Cadbury provides always meant that it caters to everyone. Adults and kids would go for this brand anytime. 

  • Dairy Milk is the most popular brand in India with the way they have moulded the brand from when it started. Besides the fact that it is affordable and super yummy with the creamy texture. 
  • One cube of this chocolate can just melt in your mouth and best – brings back the best memories. 

In spite of this chocolate being so easily available for so long, it has managed to develop and evolve over the years with new flavours and textures aiming at attracting the millennial crowd.

Here are some chocolates from Cadbury:

Dairy Milk
5 Star

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kitkat in india

Nestle is another favourite that we need in our lives forever. The taste of each of these chocolates varies and brings a swirl of strong and rich flavours. 

  • Kitkat is one of the most popular chocolate brands in India which has been around forever. 
  • What we have noticed is that Nestle makes sure it does not go with the conventional way of making chocolates and instead adds a certain flavour that merges with real chocolate lovers. 

Each of these popular chocolates has a rich and creamy texture to them that never disappoints and has almost become a trademark taste of this brand. 

Here are some chocolates from Nestle:

Bar One

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Amul Chocolate 

Amul is a devoted brand in India for chocolates, ice creams and other delicacies that have a wonderful impact on the consumers here in India. 

What started out as traditional Indian sweets and milk chocolates became more about dark chocolates and some exotic sweets that have always taken the consumers by surprise. 


melody in india

Parle, although is not very popular for chocolates, it has been around for biscuits, chips and other eatables. 

  • Melody is one of our favourites. The exotic paper sweet has been easily available and not to mention their amazing taste. 
  • The confectionaries from this brand have always been a hit among Indians for as long as we can remember. 

Parle is very particular about the ingredients they use and stay consistent on those and work hard into bringing only the best products for everyone to enjoy and relish. 

Lotus chocolates 

top chocolates in india

Lotus is a brand where it is still thriving in terms of confectionaries and chocolates but has a pretty wide audience range. 

  • They are well known for their authentic making of chocolates and they never fail to deliver some top notch quality products for every one to savor. A lot of these chocolates are hand made and are crafted with the ultimate aim of reminding people of the authenticity that chocolates ought to have. 

They provide a lot of customisation options which allows you to buy and deliver chocolates according to your convenience and taste. 



Mars is another delicacy that has always been a personal favourite. The swirling chocolate layers that make up the entire chocolate is so smooth and impossible not to melt in your mouth. 

  • Mars is easily available in India because of how well it has resonated with the Indian audience – both adults and children. 

The Mars bar comes in different sizes but the texture and flavour is the same signature one. The brand has claimed that this brand has an unforgettable and memorable experience with chocolate. The caramel caresses the core chocolate which is the best part. 

Mahak chocolates 

best brands of chocolates in india

Mahak chocolates are exciting to try out because of how they differ in tastes and flavours. The different range of flavours that come with these chocolates caters to every kind of chocolate lover. 

  • They have fruit flavours, vanilla, chocolate and a combination of the best as well. 
  • This brand involves only the best ingredients and works towards giving you the best experience with indulging in chocolates. 

What they mainly focus on are paper sweets rather than bars. They also have a lot of lollipop and candies which are so delicious to devour. 


chocolate bar brands in india

Campco has made its way through the Indian market of chocolates and sweets proving that if you make something innovative and tasty you can sell it. Because that it exactly what they did. 

  • This exotic collection of chocolate bars have a crunchy and diligent savor to it which makes sure you come back for more. They tend to steer away from the regular chocolates that just stick to thick creamy chocolate texture and try something with wafers. 

What these chocolate bars aim at is to give everyone access to their product and that is why they directly declare that these bars are suitable for vegans and those who suffer from diabetes as well. 


Ferrero always seems like that far fetched brand which can look intimidating with their attractive packaging. And the packaging does justice to what’s inside because they are just delicious! 

  • Ferrero Rocher can easily be the best brand the country has seen in a long time. Even though the brand has been around forever in India it still manages to incite curiosity and excitement in the audience. 

The quality of this brand is top-notch and explains why the price range is such. 

Hershey chocolates 

Hershey’s is a brand that also focuses on the quality of the chocolates they provide and has always been on top of people’s expectations. And sometimes even better. 

  • The kisses edition of Hershey’s really exceeds your expectations in the sense that it has a cream filling and a very rich chocolate texture which makes it one of the best chocolates available in India. 

We also love Brookside which is also from Hershey’s which comes with a tinge of different flavours like blackcurrant, raspberry and other exotic flavours. 


Lotte choco pie can always be etched to our minds as the cakey chocolate that has the power to satisfy hunger while also being chocolaty. 

  • Each pack of these contains 8 cakes which work super well for those who love cake and chocolate. 

They have a marshmallow layer in between which makes it stand out from other brands of chocolates or even cakes for that matter. Even though they are small in size they are pretty thick and filling. 

Fabelle Chocolate brand

Fabelle is India’s very own luxury chocolate brand and it happens to be extraordinary in taste. Each chocolate piece is handmade and is one of kind. Most importantly, these chocolates are made from the finest cocoa that’s sourced from places like the Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Venezuela, Ghana and much more.

Fabelle is ITC’s brand and is less than 5 years old making it extremely late to the Chocolate game in India. However, the outstanding quality, luxurious taste and pricing has helped this brand become of the best in the country.

They also have a store in ITC Gardenia Bengaluru that sells various types of handmade chocolates, desserts and even ice cream. They even created the most expensive chocolate in the world for around 4.3 Lakhs per KG.

Benefits of Chocolate

Yup Chocolates do have benefits. While chocolates do get a lot of bad rep as being one of the major contributors to high blood sugar and obesity (which is true to a certain extent), it does have it’s pros as well. Other than tasting absolutely divine, chocolates have certain health benefits. For example:

Helps Lower Cholesterol

  • Consuming chocolates in regulates quantities can help reduce low density lipo-proteins or LDL which is the bad kind of cholesterol. Of course, it can be any chocolate. It has to be a chocolate that contains a significant amount of plant sterols and cocoa flavanols. This type of chocolate with a low-fat diet can significantly help cardiovascular health as it reduces LDL and improves blood pressure.
  • Of course, there are also dark chocolates out there that are filled with anti-oxidants that prevent the oxidization of free radicals in the body. These also prevent the oxidation of LDL which makes it one of the best foods out there for heart heath. This dark chocolate, of course, should be near 100% dark.

Helps Prevent Heart Disease

  • Other than Cholesterol, chocolate also helps improve overall heart health. It can prevent you from developing heart disease by 33%. While it may not seem like much, it’s still something. It primarily helps prevent Cardiometabolic dysfunctions.
  • There were also research that suggested that consuming a mere 100 grams of chocolate a day could reduce the possibility of stroke by 46%.

Helps with Athletic Performance

  • Chocolate offers a boost of energy. When the chocolate is being digested, the sugar and fat work as fuel for your metabolism and you get a bursts of energy. Other than this, chocolates also helps with oxygen availability. Dark Chocolate specifically helps boost oxygen levels.

What is the number 1 chocolate in India? 

Even though there are so many brands of chocolates in India there is one which stands out particularly. Cadbury has had the best products out of their banner and has managed 

Is Dairy Milk Indian? 

Dairy Milk is not only Indian but is also the oldest chocolate brand which has intrigued the Indian audience and has stayed here ever since. 

With the above mentioned brands of chocolates, we have attempted to give you more insight into the ones that are working well with the masses and the most popular ones in the country. 

While there are so many out there in the market, it is always wise to keep tabs on the ones that have been around for a long time in order to trust and be a legit consumer.

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