Most Popular Soap Brands in India 2021

During these scary times where the pandemic has become the primary concern for all of us, a good and effective soap comes in handy for our everyday lives. 

But what are the aspects that make up for a good soap which in turn resonates with the consumers? 

Price, ingredients, and effects on the skin(well, obviously). 

So we have the most popular soap brands in India that will help you make a worthy pick to keep yourselves clean and fresh always. 

Top Most Popular Soap brands in India 

Lifebuoy soap 
Dettol soap 
LUX soap 
Liril soap 
Pears soap 
Medimix soap
Hamam soap 
Himalaya almond soap 

Lifebuoy soap 

lifebouy soap

Lifebuoy is, without doubt, one of the most trusted soap brands in India which is believed to cleanse you thoroughly and work into killing bacteria and germs which also happens to be their selling point. 

This soap contains a silver formula that works against germs and keeps your body cleansed and spotless at all times. 

This soap seems to have the ability to fight germs and brings the body a sense of freshness. This is because of the antibacterial properties that this soap contains and allows your body to fight germs as well. 

The biggest reason why this soap is so popular in India and around the world is because it can be a huge block to viral infections, cold and other diseases. 


cinthol soap

Cinthol comes in next for being the most popular soap brand in India which focuses on the same, which is cleansing the body deeply and giving you a profound sense of freshness. 

What we absolutely love about this brand is that it comes in a wide range of flavours, each of which helps eliminate and help people with skin rashes and other sensitivities. 

The lime cinthol soap is one of the best selling soaps from Cinthol as it effortlessly merges scent and effectiveness making it a top product in the Indian market. 

This soap promises 99.9 % protection against germs and allows you to be as fresh as your shower throughout the day.

Dettol soap 

dettol soap in india

Here is yet another trust worthy soap which has always had our back for a very very long time. In fact Dettol has been the face of killing germs and bacteria and we have got to admit that it is doing an amazing job at gaining our trust. 

Like the ones we mentioned before, Dettol has flavours and fragrances of its own which we can choose from. 

We are providing you with the OG dettol soap which has managed to become so popular in India and has been used for decades. 

The pandemic has only boosted the sales for the brand because of how effective and safe it is to use. 

So what are you waiting for – get your hands on one of these today! 

LUX soap 

lux soaps in india

A beauty soap can never go wrong in India and especially if its LUX! 

Lux has been the face of Indian beauty products for a very long time and this is because of the wide range of products they have under their banner. 

The rose petals product of Lux is a true dream in terms of beauty and refreshment. 

Besides the fact that it smells heavenly and gives you a clean and fresh after experience, it is also well known for its durability. 

A bar of Lux soap can easily last for about 2-3 months depending on the usage. 

The key ingredients of this soap is rose and Vitamin E which means it will leave your skin looking smooth and supple all day long. 

Liril soap 

liril soap

You might remember this soap in those retro commercials marketing freshness! 

And we don’t blame or question them! 

The lemon and tea tree oil combination makes way to evade germs and bacteria and allows your body to refresh itself. 

It has a sweet and fresh smell which will linger around for a long time after your shower. 

Liril has been popular in India for decades so one thing you can be sure of is its availability. 


dove soap

Again, beauty product lovers, one of your favorites in the market! 

Dove never fails to impress its consumers with some of the most exotic and relevant products to tackle every issue that we face with our hair and skin. 

The original Dove beauty bar can bring you back to the shower for the nth time during the day. 

Besides the fact that the fragrance is super intriguing, it also leaves the skin feeling soft and fresh. 

This is an imported product so it may vary in price but we can vouch for how effective and worthy it is. 

Like the other brands, Dove has its wide range of flavours and models which tackles skin issues, leaving no one out of the beauty game. 

Pears soap 

best soaps in india

You want to feel and stay young? 

Here’s the soap everyone’s been gushing about for ages. 

Pears, with its glycerin effect and safe properties, has been a relief to those who want a product to handle all their skin tantrums. 

With pears you can be sure to have a bath and feel your skin already making progression. We love that they have such a promising hold on their treatment and works wonders for everybody. 

Another major pro of this soap is that it is easily available and is super accessible. 

Medimix soap

herbal soaps in india

A South Indian soap with all the herbs necessary to eliminate the impression of being ‘chemical’. That’s Medimix for us in India. 

The purity of the soap and how it battles skin infections is a testimony to the wonderfully crafted soap and brings the user so much refreshment and allows you to bask in goodness of the soap. 

The ayurvedic ingredients that combine together to give you a soap which can be used as much you’d like on the skin, is a favorite among those with sensitive skin and works wonders for younger people whose skin is only developing. 

Hamam soap 

hamam soap in india

Hamam is another brand which rings a bell when ‘purity of ingredients’ is involved. 

The soap is mild and has a gentle effect on the skin and only brings out the best in your skin and allows you to resonate with the brand’s main aim. 

Hamam is made up of neem oil and allows your skin to regenerate new cells without pimples and silky soft texture. 

What this soap also provides is an all day protection from dust and pollution so that your skin is unharmed in every way. 

Every bath can feel as good as the first with the way it nourishes and cleanses your skin. 

We can vouch on the effectiveness of Hamam in the longer run as it only cares for your skin. 


margo soap

Looks like we have a fest of natural and good quality soaps one after the other because this is the next one on our list. 

Vitamin E dominates the soap and looks at giving your skin the best experience and makes the skin soft and supple. 

What Vitamin E is best known for is the moisturising and nourishing properties so you have already won if you are using it every day. 

Neem is another major ingredient in the soap which has a great effect on the skin in terms of blocking out pollution and dust. It also instantly cures pimples and heals acne and marks. 

Himalaya almond soap 

himalaya soap

Himalaya is a top brand for hair and skincare products which never disappoints in terms of instant results. 

The almond present in the soap nourishes and moisturises the skin. Almond has been a primary product in giving your skin a wonderful texture and allowing it to rejuvenate and provide new skin. 

This soap penetrates the skin and nourishes it from deep within to give you an external glow that will last for a very long time. 

Another good news is that considering Himalaya is a brand that is known for steering clear from chemicals you can be sure that this soap will not affect your skin in any way. 

Customer reviews state that it improves complexion and gives your skin a better texture. 

Mysore sandal soap 

mysore sandal soaps

Mysore sandal is one of the most expensive but equally effective soaps available in India that works on different skin types and allows you to take in the goodness in the soap. 

The reason why this soap is priced more than the others is because it is made up of sandalwood and nothing else. 

Like you already know, sandalwood is one of the most acquired ingredients especially for beauty products. 

This being said, sandalwood is one of the best things you can do to your skin and allow it to glow naturally. 

We cannot promise the availability of this soap as it is quite expensive but make sure you grab one once you find it! 

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