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We have listed the most selling lays flavors in India. Check out here to find the most scrumptious flavors in India.

When it comes to snacking, the first brand that comes to the minds in India is Lays. Undoubtedly, Lays is the most popular potato chips brand in India enjoying a huge following among all age groups eagerly waiting to relish those quick bites. 

One of the best things about Lays is that you will easily find their snacks pouches hanging in all refreshment stalls and grocery shops even in the remotest corner of the nation. Besides being easily available everywhere, Lays also offers the widest range of flavors to choose from. You will be surprised to know that Lays chips are offered in over 200 flavors.

It is highly possible that each one of us has already tasted a handful of Lays potato chips flavors. So we can easily list out our favorite flavors of this salted snacks brand. However, as shoppers trying to keep track of the popular trends, we might be curious to know which of the Lays flavors are among the top selling ones. 

I am also a big fan of these crunchy snacks that sport some incredible and irresistible tastes. After trying out all the popularly available Lays chips flavors personally and studying the predominant shopping choices of people, I have reviewed the most selling Lays flavors in India to help you share the common interest when you shop for these flavored munchies the next time. 

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Most Selling Lays Flavors In India

Lay’s Chile Limon

Most selling lays flavors in India

Lays offers the Chile Limon flavored potato chips in a dark green packing. The top ingredients of this flavored snack are potato, edible vegetable oil, sugar, spices, iodized salt, lime juice powder and condiments. 

The flavor of lime is found evenly distributed throughout the chips with some small concentrated pockets where the taste is more flavorful offering a zingy lime feel. Presenting a contrast from the most common taste offered by citrus-y chips, the lime flavor in this package does not belong to an industrial kind. 

The taste is in fact highly fresh and alluring. While you will not categorize this flavor under a masaledaar category, the nice chilly lime kick it provides makes it a great choice for salted snacks lovers. 

The perfect recipe of this top selling flavor has skillfully blended the hotness of the chillies and the sourness of the lemon in an ideal proportion to give an enduring feel you will love lingering on your taste buds for quite some time after snacking. Made from the finest quality species and free of trans-fats, in this flavor, Lays offers something you will want more.

Lay’s Classic Salted

This is a signature flavor offered by Lays for quite some time. The best quality potatoes that make up the chips, the finest quality species used for the flavor, and trans-fat free recipe will make this snack a great pick for snacking while at school, work, party or at home. 

Lays offers this Classic Salted flavored potato chips in light yellow packing. Two characteristics that distinguish this flavor are the crunchy nature of the chips and the well-seasoned nature of the flavor.

The salt level is perfectly balanced and hence this flavor of Lays chips can make the best option to be served with burgers and sandwiches. If you do not want your munchies to taste too spicy, you will find the Lays Classic Salt flavor a boon to treat your love of crispy snacks. This snack does not come with added preservatives and is highly suitable for those looking for delicious, crispy and crunchy all-time snack to delight your taste buds with a popularly pursued flavor. 

India’s Magic Masala

Lays has evolved the India’s Magic Masala formula for this flavorful potato chips variety exclusively to meet the taste preferences of Indians. In this offering, the snacks manufacturing giant has achieved an unbeatable blend of the best quality potatoes and a delectable formulation of selected Indian spices. 

This is a trans-fat free formula that is recommended for a healthy snacking experience. Lays offers this crunchy chips flavor in a deep blue sachet. The top ingredients of this product include vegetable oil, condiments and spices, onion powder, sugar, tomato powder, sugar, dried mango powder, chilli powder, citric acid, ginger powder, coriander seeds powder, garlic powder, black pepper powder, turmeric powder, spices extracts, black salt, iodized salt and others. 

Any snacks lover familiar with the taste of Indian spices is sure to fall in love with this incredibly spicy formulation that is mild as well as captivating. Delivering the Indian market what Lays calls as Masala Promise, the mild amchoor (dried mango powder) taste has a slightly upper hand in deciding the flavor’s richness.

Lay’s Spanish Tomato Tango

Lays offers the Spanish Tomato Tango flavored potato chips in a red color package. The top ingredients of this formula are potato, edible oil, iodized salt, tomato powder, condiments, spices, sugar, wheat fiber and dextrose. 

True to its name, this flavor gives the best tomato flavor in its authentic tang. The very first bite of these crunchy chips leaves you with an intensely sweet taste that will allure you to get indulged with the tangy flavor of this reddish vegetable flavor. 

You will feel the seasoning of the chips sporting a rich tanginess that is akin to ketchup. If you have a liking for tomato flavor, you will find this a great pick. As you indulge in these incredibly tasty chips, you are sure to appreciate these tangy crisps for their captivating taste.

 In Lays potato chips, the manufacturer offers the finest quality spices and the farm’s best potatoes to bring the best munchies to its customers. On top of everything, the specially evolved tomato tango formula is the favorite of a lot of Lays chips lovers. 

Lay’s American Style Cream & Onion

Lay’s American Style Cream & Onion are the perfect munchies for those that look for a scrumptious combination of cream and sour taste skilfully blended with onion and herbal flavor. 

This is one of the most loved flavors offered by Lays and the principal ingredients of this potato chips packet include potato, vegetable oils, iodized salt, sugar, cheese powder, spices and condiments.

 Cheese lovers will instantly become a fan of this off-the track flavor that is uniquely different from the rest of Lay’s offerings. Cheese flavor dominates the taste and aroma of this seasoning formulation. 

Though the onion flavor is bold enough to reveal itself, it merges very well with the salty cheese flavor. Quite a lot of frequent shoppers say this flavor can get addictive due to its compelling taste.

The seasoning is moderate and the herby punch is mild which will best suit munching these chips with yogurt or burger. Cream and onion is one of the most representative formulas of Lays and good to go if you want something unique and fulfilling. 

Lay’s Maxx – Macho Chilli Flavour

Deliciously offered with Maxx ridges, Maxx crunch and Maxx flavors, Maxx Macho chilli is an altogether different flavor that has a huge following among Lays potato munchies lovers. This is a completely trans-fat free formula that is 100% vegetarian. 

Made of the best quality potatoes and a chosen range of spices and condiments, the top ingredients of this formula include potato, spice extracts, ginger powder, garlic powder, onion powder, spice extracts, sugar, condiments, spices, salt, citric acid, tomato powder and tartaric acid. 

The uniqueness of the seasoning formulation ensues from the altogether different set of spices and flavors incorporated in the formula. This formula does not contain any artificial flavors and MSG. A trans-fat free product from lays, the most unique kind of seasoning ingredients bring a sizzling flavor or barbeque to delight your craving for flavorful munchies.

The flavor is dominated by an authentic chilli tang but not the hotness of the spicy ingredient. Therefore you are sure to admire the lingering taste while the hotness is far from hurting the taste buds. Therefore, this is a great pick when you might want something different from lays.     

Lay’s Potato Chips, Hot ‘n’ Sweet Chilli

When you want to experience the rush of a unique kind of flavor resulting from the blend of sugar and chilli, you land on a Caribbean kind of flavor. This is what Lays has achieved in its Hot ‘n’ Sweet Chilli flavored potato chips.

The top ingredients of this formula are potato, starch, spices, edible vegetable oils, sugar, salt, spices, condiments, onion powder, garlic powder, milk solids, cocoa solids and natural flavoring agents. 

This is a trans-fat free formula and features the best quality potatoes, and the finest quality spices and hence make a healthy snacking option. The uniqueness of this formulation ensues by bringing together sugar and chilli in ideal proportion to delight your taste buds in a Caribbean style. This delicious flavor is sure to make you want more and go for it during the time when you need munchies the most. 

Most Selling Lays Flavors In India: FAQ’s

Which is the best potato chips brand in India?

Lays in the best potato chips brand in India. Lays offers over 200 potato chips flavors and it requires a whole aisle of the grocery store to showcase their ridiculously massive number of flavors. The sheer variety of delicious flavors the brand offers and the unfailing crunchy nature of its salted snacks makes Lays the best potato chips brand in India. Lays India’s magic masala is the best selling flavor in India.

What makes Lays the top selling potato chips brand in India?

Among the widest variety of Lays chips flavors, the popular ones that sell the most are lip-smacking and highly compelling. Lays are available in several local flavors that effectively cater to the unique taste preferences of Indians. 
Lays chips are perfectly crisp and are not too spicy or salty. Therefore, they make the perfect snack for any time and any occasion.

Which are the best Lays flavors in India?

The best lays flavors in India are: Cream and Onion, Tomato Tango, Caribbean Hot and Sweet Chilli, and Magic Masala.

Lays India's Magic Masala

Check out the most selling lays flavor in India

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