Most Selling Mineral Water Brands in India

9 Most Selling Mineral Water Brands in India 2021

Looking for good drinking water? Check out our list of the Most Selling Mineral Water Brands in India.

Bottled water or mineral water is hugely popular and absolutely necessary in India, thanks to the polluted and contaminated tap water, especially when you are out of your home or when you are travelling.

Packaged mineral water is disinfected and purified by means of filtration, reverse osmosis or UV treatment, and may or may not contain added nutrients. Read on to discover the most selling mineral water brands in India and their reviews:

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Most Selling Mineral Water Brands in India


packaged water in India

Evian is one of the most expensive mineral water you can drink, but also the most natural and the healthiest. It is also one of the Most Selling Mineral Water Brands in India.

If you are wondering why and how a mineral water company can price its products higher than every other brand in India, here’s the reason: The water contained in Evian bottles is sourced directly from the springs of Evian-Les-Bains near Lake Geneva and is naturally filtered through glacial sand. 

Since this is neither chemically treated nor processed, the water is still rich in loads of minerals, especially calcium and magnesium. This water is also slightly hard and tastes a bit salty, but that’s how natural water is supposed to taste! 

Secondly, the bottles that the water is contained in, are the highest quality PolyEthylene Terephthalate or more commonly known, PET, which is completely reusable. 

These bottles are more expensive to produce and are stronger than the plastic used by other bottled water companies. 

Evian is not only one of the most selling mineral water brands in India, but it’s also the preferred choice of many across the world.

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safe water brands in India

India is rich with natural water bodies and knowing how to tap into this resource to bring us healthy water is something Aava has mastered. 

The water contained in each Aava bottle is the pure water that has trickled for 20 years through the oldest mountain ranges – the Aravallis.

 This water is filtered through layers of alluvium and clay and deposits into the underground reservoirs.

 Since it is naturally filtered, the water is still rich in essential minerals and is at its purest. It has a pH level of 8, perfect for detoxification and balancing the levels in the body. It also nourishes the body with calcium, magnesium, silica, sodium and boosts immunity levels. The water is bottled without being touched by human hands, and therefore not contaminated. This water is further bottled keeping in line with international bottling standards, in plastic bottles that are 100% recyclable. 

Aava also is sold in glass water bottles that can be reused for eternity. 

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bisleri water

Bisleri is the name you are probably most familiar with. One of the first companies to sell packaged mineral water, “Bisleri” is almost synonymous with bottled water.

 The brand has undergone several changes to the shape and size of the packaging and the colour of the label but it hasn’t lost the quality it stands for.

 Bisleri was born Italian but was taken over in India by the Parle group- another household name. Bisleri is a true “mineral” water as it contains added essential minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium. 

Bisleri comes in several sizes, the most cost-efficient one being the 20 litres one for homes and offices. There is also a portable 5-litre one you can carry on your road trips. 

The 1 litre, 500 ml and smaller bottles are convenient for daily consumption and are small enough to be carried in your backpack. 

McDowell’s No1

top mineral water in India

McDowell’s No 1 is not only popular for the whiskey and the soda, but also for the bottled water they have been selling for decades. 

This water is of the highest quality as it goes through an 8 step purification process, complying with the guidelines of the BIS. This quality has been maintained over the years, ensuring that the purified water is packaged in food-grade plastic only. 

So there is no unpleasant taste or odour, and the water is 100% safe for consumption. McDowell’s No 1 water is packaged for convenience. 

The 20-litre can is ideal for homes and offices, whereas the 2 litres and 1-litre water bottles can be purchased when you are travelling.

 Even more convenient are the smaller 500 ml and 250 ml sized bottles that are usually procured for events and conferences. 

McDowell’s No 1 is priced competitively with the other leading mineral water brands in the market, making this a popular choice. 


purified mineral water

Daily dust and smoke from automobiles, the stress of managing work and home, can all take a toll on our health. Water is something that, if had right, can help neutralise the ill effects of all of these environmental stressors, improve metabolism and revive energy levels in the body. The water contained in the Himalayan is directly taken from the source of the mountains. 

The brand claims that this water has been created by nature and it’s taken 20 years to do so, to bring us the purest and mineral-rich elixir. 

Himalayan water does not come cheap. It is certainly more expensive than the other brands of bottled water, but it definitely tastes different. 

As the water gets naturally filtered through layers of Himalayan rocks, there are no added chemicals or processes done to purify the water.

 The water is collected in a protected aquifer, where human hands cannot access, leaving it in its full purity. 

This leaves the water mildly alkaline and full of nutrients that can otherwise get stripped away in the purification process. Himalayan also manufactures sparkling and Still versions of this water.

Taj Aqa

mineral water in india

Taj Aqa is one of the newer entrants in the market when compared to brands like Bisleri which have been around forever. Though this brand was launched less than a decade ago, it has quickly become a best seller, thanks to the natural purity of the water. 

The water bottled by Taj Aqa is sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas, and bottled right there, so that there is no chance of contamination. 

This water is not subjected to any kind of processing or chemicals as it is filtered through the rocky layers of the mountains. 

The water is rich with minerals and bicarbonates, naturally, with no requirement for the addition of artificial ingredients. It is also alkaline with a pH of 7.8. 

This water is packaged in a PET bottle that is approved by the FDA and is free of BPA, something that can be reused at home. 


top mineral water brands in India

The Himalayas are India’s natural source of water and to tap into this to bring us healthy water is genius. Mizu does just that by bottling Himalayan water right at the source without the possibility of contamination. 

Like the other brands that make use of this natural resource, Mizu also bottles water that has been naturally filtered through the rocks and glacial sand, so that all the minerals, silica and bicarbonates are retained. 

This water, which is at its purest, is not subjected to any more chemicals or purification, so we get the best drinking water possible. 

Mizu’s packaging is also as simple and pure as the water itself – in a transparent bottle featuring just the name. This is a PET bottle, approved by the FDA that can be reused and recycled, contributing to saving the environment as well. 


premium water package

Water is the elixir of life and it is important to consume this in its purest form for the best health benefits.

Unfortunately, the drinking water we get in the cities is polluted to such an extent that we need to filter it several times and process it before it is safe to drink. Komin, on the other hand, goes directly to the source and bottles this water in an aquifer. 

This bottled water is one that trickles down the Sahyadri mountains and is filtered naturally by the layers of rock, leaving the minerals and other nutrients intact.

 Untouched by hand, this is the safest and healthiest water we can find. 

This water also tastes very different as it is mildly alkaline, gifting our body with all that we need to improve our metabolism and maintain the health of our skin and hair. 


qua water

If mineral water can be premium, Qua is an example. With the purest water from the foothills of the Himalayas in an area where there is no human activity, Qua brings us something that is natural and loaded with minerals. 

The water is bottled at source directly, untouched by human beings, with French bottling techniques, abiding by international standards to bring us water that is healthy and clean.

The water is naturally filtered by the layers of rock, sand and clay, and is 100% free of pollution. The water is concentrated with high levels of bicarbonates and calcium and has other minerals as well that is required for the efficient functioning of the body. 

The pH level in Qua water makes it alkaline, helping neutralise the toxins in our body and working to flush them out.

 This detox effect of the water fights free radical damage caused due to stress and environmental pollution, slowing down ageing and renewing the youthful appearance of the skin.

Mineral water is kind of an inevitable aspect. Hence it is important to know which one’s have been the best selling and how it has been resonating with the Indian clientele over the years.

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