smart home technologies

Introduction to the Smart Home Technologies

Smart home. Smart speakers. Alexa. Google Home.

With the advent of Alexa and Google home devices across Indian homes and worldwide, the concept of Smart home and Home automation, which have been around for long have finally taken a sudden fresh interest at a larger scale.

Firstly, smart home technologies in simple terms refer to a  house or residence linked or connected with different internet-enabled devices purposely designed to monitor, manage and control appliances remotely. You can wirelessly connect all compatible devices together and control them from anywhere when you want and how you want.

Smart home technologies
Using smart home app on phone. Smart home, house automation remote control concept.

Smart home technologies in India

To see and enjoy the fun behind home automation system you simply need the right smart gadget at the right place. For simplicity, we are going to categorize them into the followings:

  • Smart Assistance device
  • Smart lighting system
  • Cameras
  • Smart switches and plugs
  • Audio and video appliances

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Smart Assistance device

Smart assistance is one of the most important devices you need when it comes to smart home technologies. It can be used to play and stream music from those popular music streaming services. Most importantly, it has the capacity to control other smart devices in your home, turning your house into a slightly smarter home instantly. There are multiple smart home devices that are in the market now which are compatible with Alexa and Google home, primarily.

These devices are designed to be controlled with voice command, you can as well set a reminder, listen to news updates and lots more. The simple examples of a smart assistant will be Google home, Emotix  Mko 2, and Amazon Alexa Echo smart devices.

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Smart lighting system

A Smart light is those WIFI internets enabled light that can be controlled remotely. You can switch a smart light On and Off as you wish. In other words, you can as well change the color of the light through voice command or from anywhere using your smartphone.

Smart light color control depends on the type you want because there are some that have a single color while we have those that support different colors that can be changed as often as you desire. Some examples of a smart light are Philips Hue Smart Light and Syska smart lights.


You no longer need a computer to monitor your home from anywhere, you simply need an affordable smart home camera that can be used to monitor your home through an Android or iOS smartphones.

A simple and affordable smart home camera can give you the peace of mind you need while being away from your house since you can monitor what is happening in your home from your smartphone. Some of the examples are D-link Wi-Fi Home Camera etc.

Smart Video doorbells: Do you know that there smart video doorbells that enables you to know who is standing in front of your door whether you are inside or outside your home. Moreover, these modern video doorbells don’t only allow you to see your visitors but as well help you to communicate with them from anywhere in real time.

The perfect examples of smart home video doorbells are Godrej Solus ST, Auxtron Digital, and Hikvision DS Camera Doorbell.

Smart switches and plugs

You really need smart switches and plugs to turn your home into a fully automated home, in fact, it doesn’t matter if other appliances in your home are smart or not as long as they are connected to a smart plug and switches they can be controlled from anywhere.

These smart plugs are wifi enabled and can be connected to any router but the most important part is that it can be controlled with smart assistant devices like Alexa echo, and Google home. When you are far from your home your phone will be there to help you control your appliances. Examples are Oakter Smart plug and Hoteon Smart Plug.

Smart Audio and video appliances

Just the same way as we have smart light, smart plugs, and smart monitoring cameras, we also have smart TVs and sound systems that can be connected and controlled remotely. However, they are mostly compatible with smart assistance like Alexa and Google Home which means that they can be controlled using voice command.

Presently, there are some powerful Sony Bravia smart Tv’s equipped with everything you need to be in control. Decide when you watch, what you watch and how you watch your favorite movies and other events.

Lastly, you can jump on the Smart home store on Amazon and explore all their categories, products for the best ideas.

Home automation systems in India

Home automation and IOT is also growing well as an entire packaged system for the premium audiences that want a done-for-you system without any hassle.

Z-wave is one of the popular smart home providers in India that you can trust and If you are in for home automation then Z-wave can be of help to you. Meanwhile, they have a platform called smart guide designed to guide you on how to start building your smart home by providing a solution that fit your budgets and desire.

If you don’t know where to start or even understand what you need then Smartify will help, However, they don’t manufacture smart home devices directly but uses those smart devices manufactured by the best automation companies that offer high-quality products. They have 2 different packages depending on the size of your house. They have wired and wireless Home automation to choose from.

  • Smarthome NX Smart Home Provider

Smarthome NX is another trusted smart home provider in India purposely designed to help you with all your smart home technologies need. If what you want is to build an automated home then Smarthome NX will be ready to help in turning your home into an automated home.

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Advantages of having a smart home 

If you are having even the slightest doubt of whether this article is pertaining to you or not, let us clear that off your head and give you some of our reasoning as to why having a smart home is  decision you ought to be making. 

  • Keeping up with the times. 

If you are a modern person who does not like to lag behind on upgrading yourself with the latest and top rated gagdets – you might want to switch to a smart home technology. 

  • Cost effeciency

Considering that smart home tech is everywhere and so in demand, the prices have become such that it is affordable to one and all. While there are some that are in demand because of the services they provide there are others that stay on par with your budget and treat your pockets just right. 

  • “Alexa”

Alexa is probably one of the most on-demand AI out there which has helped out many people’s daily lives. 

AI like this is easy to access with you turning your home into a ‘smart home’. 

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