Super Affordable Best Smart Plugs in India

Super Affordable Best Smart Plugs in India – 2021 (Updated)

Turning existing home appliances into smart devices in a single click! Isn’t it magical? Indeed, Smart Plugs are the foundation of Indian smart homes. Check out our list of the Super Affordable Best Smart Plugs in India.

A simple power adapter or cord may seem as boring as anything, but might actually be as cool as all our smart home appliances. They not only cut off your lengthy electricity bills and conserve energy but also add to your day-to-day convenience.

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Without compromising on the price tag, just install it into your wall outlet and turn all your regular home devices into smart ones. Monitor your entire house while sitting miles away from it! And above all – enjoy peace of mind!

After having reviewed all the smart plugs in India based on various factors like design, function, usage, features, performance, price and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 6 smart plugs that really stood out. We put these 6 through a series of tests tp determine the best. We found that:

The best smart plug in India is the Hoteon 10A Mini Smart Plug Outlet Socket. This smart plug is unique as it doesn’t require a primary hub to use it. Additionally, it works with Alexa/Google Assitant and is made with flame retardant materials, making it safe to use. Using this smart plug, the user can remotely control all devices from their smartphone.

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Some of the best products for Smart Plugs in India to put your hands on are as follows:

1. Hoteon 10A Mini Smart Plug Outlet Socket

Packed with premium materials such as flame-retardant shell, phosphor bronze connections and advanced PCBA, the Hoteon Mini Smart Plug Socket ensures you and your family’s safety first. However, is it one of the Super Affordable Best Smart Plugs in India? Yes, it is. This smart device features various functions like: 

  • Works with Amazon Alexa: No hub required, no paid subscriptions, the switch works with Amazon Alexa. Control the device with your voice through Amazon Alexa and monitor it from anywhere. 
  • Works with Google Assistant: The socket is also compatible with Google Assistant, thus increasing your convenience. 
  • Remotely control your smart bulbs and appliances through your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.
  • Easy to Install: Simply, download the Smart Life app. Set up your account on the app and add the device through ‘electrical outlet’. Confirm your device and connect the plug to your local wi-fi. Now you can control the device on your phone.
  • Schedule feature: You can schedule your appliances and set timers for them to be turned ON/OFF as per your convenience. Now, no more issues of overcharging or overheating. The schedule works automatically on the plug. 
  • Compatible with IFTTT web-based services to facilitate a better edge.
  • Made for Indian homes: The socket comes fitted with type-D 3-pin plug (with a ground pin) and is rated for 240V/10A. This makes it easy to connect and use with any appliance at your home. Check out our list of the Super Affordable Best Smart Plugs in India.

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2. Oakter Smart Plug (high and low power)

Easy, robust and modular – the three words that best describe the product. With highly conductive copper contacts, these plugs have an operational range of 110V – 290V. The plug and play device has BS 546 type D and type M configurations for low and high power respectively, which suit the Indian sockets. 

The product comes in two variants, for different uses:

  • For high power appliances like geysers, motors, ACs, heaters, pumps etc.
  • The product comes as one smart home-hub and one high powered 16Amp plug. They function together to power one high power required appliance at your home. 
  • It is a ready-to-use, easily configurable device with connects to your Wi-fi and controls the device attached to it through your iOS or Android smartphone. 
  • Set daily on-off schedules for your geyser to prevent a morning disaster.
  • Avoid over-chilling your bedroom and save energy by setting the schedule for your AC, connected to the plug.
  • Avoid wastage of water and set time for your water-pump to switch off. 

It supports upto 3.6KW at 230V.

  • For low power appliances like lamps, coffee machines, TVs, induction stoves, mosquito repellents etc.
  • Easily connectable to your Wi-fi, the 6Amp plug comes with a smart home hub. Install within 10 minutes and control your appliance through your smartphone.
  • Wake up to a hot coffee by setting the daily schedule for your coffee maker connected to the plug.
  • Prevent overcharging of your laptops and mobiles by setting time limits.
  • Forget worrying about lamps and TV while stepping out of the house, the schedule takes care of it. It supports up to 2KW at 230V.
  • With the Smart Home-hub that comes with the plug, you can connect up to 50 Oakter devices at home.

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3. Count_On Wifi Smart Plug Socket Switch with USB

When it comes to getting dual benefits from a single point, this product aces in that! The Count_On Wi-fi Smart Plug Socket not only has a smart socket but also has two USB ports in it. 

Count_On Wifi Smart Plug
Count_On Wifi Smart Plug
  • Now any appliance can become a voice-controlled smart device within minutes! Just plug in the appliance and connect the socket to Wifi on your Android or iOS smartphone, download the eWeLink App and remotely control its operation!
  • Create schedules for your appliances plugged-in and save on loads of electrical expenses. 
  • Save energy and resources. Switch appliances on/off whenever you want from wherever you are!
  • With two 5V 2.1A USBs and one type-D 3-pin socket, power 3 appliances in a go! Now your laptop doesn’t have to wait for your mobile to get charged, while not compromising on television or coffee-machine!
  • Extend battery lives of your valuable devices. Prevent overcharging of laptops and phones using countdown timer.
  • When convenience is at par, safety can’t be compromised too. The socket has a ground pin rated for 10A/2200W. It has a high quality built made up of fire-resistant materials.
  • Turn on/off multiple (specified) times a day or week and set programs 24×7.

Jazz up your mornings and cool down your evenings with remote and scheduled access to your plugged-in appliances!

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4. Smarteefi Android Remote Controlled WiFi Smart Power Extension Strip, 3 in 1 Smart Plugs

Want to plug multiple appliances to Smart Plugs? Worried about the expenditure, are you? Not anymore! The Smarteefi Smart Power Extension Strip is a combination of 3 Smart Plugs in one single cheap and affordable strip! 

So your AC can cool down your room while your coffee machine gets ready to serve you and also charge your laptop by then – all at the same time! And imagine doing all this while driving back home, so you can enjoy your favourites in no time! 

  • Independent control: When using different appliances, why should their control be the same? The product allows you to program all the sockets separately and distinctively.
  • Manual control – anytime, anywhere: The Smarteefi App gives you access to control the appliances plugged in, through your very own iOS or Android smartphone. 
  • Restore and resume: Worried about a power cut? The plus restores its previous state immediately after the power resumes, so you don’t have to keep on checking them!
  • Schedule: Want the washing machine to run on itself every day? Tired of switching the water pump on/off all the time!? Just put them on schedule and get rid of the everyday hassles! The smart plugs restore their schedule even after power cuts.
  • Countdown Timer: Worried about your phone battery? Put it on the plug and set a countdown timer on your phone to prevent overcharging.
  • Security: Get notifications of your device status (on/off) when you are away so that nobody can affect them. 
  • Extra Protection: The product understands the Indian consumer needs. It has a default 5 seconds delay time while switching on back after a power cut, to protect the appliances from the high voltage supply just after the power resumes. 

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5. TP-Link HS100 Smart Plug (White)

Forgot to switch off the geyser? Left the toaster ON? Put the phone on charging in the other room? Want to switch ON the AC, minutes before you get home? Forgot to switch off the iron box? This single smart plug can do all this for you.

  • Automate and Enjoy: All you need to do is plug the appliance into the product and connect it to your smartphone’s Wi-fi without the need for any extra smart home-hub. The free Kasa app allows you to control it through your iOS or Android smartphone.
  • Voice-control Feature: The product works directly with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Now you can control the appliance attached through your voice itself.
  • Ease of usage: Compatible with 120VAC, the plug is easy to install and use. The Kasa app (accessible via Android 4.1 or higher & iOS8 or higher) gives you access to switch your appliances ON/OFF while sitting anywhere in the world. 
  • Keep your house safe: Appear to
  • be at home even when you are actually not! Keep your appliances connected to the Smart Plugs and control them remotely.
  • Effortless compatibility: With a modern and elegant design, the product works with all Indian plugs and sockets, providing you seamless choice over appliances.

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6. Helea Smart ply

Helea is another brand that is making its way through the Indian audience and giving us an insight into its wide range of products.

  • It comes with 10A and 16A which is differentiated based on the supper supply.
  • The best part about purchasing products from Helea is that the installation is super easy and you can always trust them.
  • The body is fire resistant which proves that it is safe and cannot be of any hassle at home.
  • The 2 year warranty that this product comes with is awesome to trust how your product performs.

What is a smart plug?

A smart plug is essentially a secondary power socket that you plug into a regular power outlet. Think of it as an adapter. This biggest benefit of this smart plug is that you can control it via an app through your smartphone. Yes, that would mean control the power flow to the device that’s attached to it. Additionally, it uses Wi-Fi to function. So, you don’t end up spending more on the power bill. Most importantly, you can control it using Voice assistants like Alexa or Siri.

With these smart plugs, you can automate your house and virtually turn any device into a smart device. If you’re too tired to turn off the lamp, you can voice command the smart plug to do the job for you. Really, the sky’s the limit. It also happens to portable. So, you can interchange as you would like. For example, you can plug in this smart device in the Kitchen alone for extra convenience.

Advantages of Smart Plugs

Smart Plugs are beneficial as it makes your life easy and even helps conserve electricity. So, just one of these devices can actually help you save a lot of money. However, the most important advantage of this plug is its “smart” features. Read on to find out the advantages of smart plugs.


  • Smart plugs are extremely convenient devices. Not only are they compatible with almost all home appliances but you can also remotely turn them on and off. This can help save a lot of time and money. If you pair it with the right smart device light a smart light, you can even control the hue and the brightness.


  • One of the best advantages of a smart plug is its automation feature. You can set schedules and commands that can not only conserve electricity but also make your life easy. For example, you can command the smart plug to turn off the water heater after a specific period of time to conserve electricity. Additionally, you can also program it to turn on your AC and cool down the room, if you’re on the way home from a run.
  • Most importantly, these automation commands don’t need to be manually set. You can literally command your voice assistant to take care of it. Check out our list of the Super Affordable Best Smart Plugs in India.

Energy monitoring

  • The best smart plugs out there also offer an energy monitoring feature. It basically, shows you how much energy has been spent on the device that’s plugged into it. It does this by showing you the analytics on the app. Using this you can cut down on the electricity bill drastically. After all, the majority of the devices are often left on standby and use up quite a bit of electricity. With a smart plug, it’s much easier to track these devices.

Can smart plugs be hacked?

Yes smart plugs that are present online for buying are vulnerable and have the option to be hacked in various ways. Given the fact that smart plugs do have sensitive data it can be quite risky at times.

However, you can make sure that you limit the information you give out on the device to be on the safer side.

Do smart plugs work on 5G?

It is quite common that 5Ghz is misinterpreted as 5G and people might construe this as availability of the service whereas the truth of the matter is that 5G smart plugs are seldom found in the Indian market

So smart plugs use a lot of electricity ?

Smart plugs use about 1 watt when on standby mode and can depend on how you use the smart plugs and not the overrall functionality of the device. Check out our list of the Super Affordable Best Smart Plugs in India.

Are smart plugs safe to use?

It has been identified that smart plugs do not have threats like fire breakouts or such since they have been UL tested.

However, smart plugs should be carefully used and not mishandled in any way which will in turn cause accidents.

Comparison Table Among The Best Smart Plugs

Below are the specifications and comparison table between the 5 listed best Smart TVs available in India.

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Remarkable features in an affordable price range – an ideal deal. Yes, that’s exactly what Smart Plugs offer to set the foundation for your smart home technology setup! Synchronization with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa empowers you to choose any appliance lying in your house and turn it into a voice-controlled fully-automated smart device!

Replacing all your branded and expensive home appliances with new smart appliances is as cumbersome as it already seems. Make your life easier with Smart Plug and Smart Switches available in India and save yourself from hefty expenditures and energy wastage. Check out our list of the Super Affordable Best Smart Plugs in India.

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Hoteon 10A Mini Smart Plug Outlet Socket

Hoteon is one of the most trustworthy brands available in India which works wonders in giving your home a certain sense of durability and safety.

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