Top Air Blowers In India 2022

Air blowers might sound like a western idea, but with more number of Indians becoming self-sufficient and not relying on our gardeners or house cleaners, investing in an air blower is a good idea. Well, you are certainly considering it and that’s why you’re on this page! Read on for the reviews of the best air blowers in India:

Best Air blowers in India

#1- Bosch GBL 620-Watt Air Blower 

Bosch is a name that is reliable when it comes to appliances. This German company makes every appliance right from the huge washers and dryers to the small drills and drill bits. 

  • The GBL 620-Watt Air Blower is priced as one of the most expensive in the market, but as you know, you can trust this to last you a lifetime! Talking about the specs, this air blower weighs about 1.7 kgs, which is not too heavy for an average person to handle. 
  • It comes in a beautiful blue colour and fits comfortably in your hands. 
  • It has a lock-on button for added convenience when you are using it. 
  • This powerful blower blows at 620W at a speed of 3.5m 3/min. S
  • ervicing this blower is very easy and the carbon brush can be removed without hassle when you want to clean it. 
Powerfull airflow.No dust bag.

#2- iBELL Air Blower

If you want to go a bit easy on the budget and buy an air blower that won’t break the bank, an iBell is a great bargain. With not much of a compromise on the power of the blower when compared to all the other premium brands, we must say this is value for money as you spend only about half of what the others charge. 

  • This has all the features you would expect of a good air blower, like a vacuum collection bag that can be easily detached and cleaned, adjustable speed options to choose depending on what you want to clear and blowing at a power of 600 W and at an RPM of 14000. 
  • It is quite small, light in weight and fits conveniently in your arms. 
  • Powerful enough to clean your home, balcony and even inside your vehicle, this is something you must consider. 
  • iBell also offers you an additional warranty of 6 months when you register. 
Small in size.Low build quality.

#3-STANLEY STPT600 air blowers in India

If you want a powerful two in one machine that does the job of a vacuum cleaner along with that of an air blower, buy yourself the Stanley STPT600. In the same league as Bosch, both in terms of price as well as performance, Stanley STPT600 is one of the best air blowers you can opt for in India. 

  • Stanley makes life very easy with parts that are easily detachable. 
  • Weighing only about 2 kgs and ergonomically designed, this is a machine that is easy to hold and operate. 
  • Use the suction mode to clean nooks like your couch, air conditioner grill, vents and carpets. 
  • Switch to the blower mode to blow away dust and leaves from your terrace or balcony. 
  • Choose the speed you want and vary it according to your need. 
  • The lock-on mode can be used when you want to use a particular mode for a while or use the trigger mode when you want bursts. 
  • Oh, this also looks very attractive in a bright yellow and black. 
Dual modes available.Weighs heavy.

#4- Cheston CHB-30 air blower

Cheston CHB-30 is a medium powered air blower that performs very well, is durable and lasts a long time. When all you need an air blower is for light stuff around your home, inside your vehicle and maybe, to clean the dust off your gadgets and electronics, the Cheston proves to be a good choice. 

  • The copper winding ensures good quality of the product and stronger performance. 
  • It works at a power of 550W and has a trigger button that is placed conveniently for you to operate when you are carrying this around the area to be cleaned. 
  • Try pushing it in spurts to clean better and quicker. 
  • The only thing you need to keep in mind is that this is a small sized and less powerful air blower and the motor might heat up if left on for too long. 
Small in size.Tends to overheat.

#5- FERM EBM1003 air blowers

The FERM EBM1003 is a classy looking air blower. 

  • Designed in a metallic blue combined with a metallic black, this powerful blower is super impressive. 
  • The body feels sturdy and you get the confidence that this machine will last wear and tear and can be used for a long time. 
  • Weighing a little over a kg, this is light in weight and sits in your arm comfortably. 
  • There is a bag attached for when you use the suction function to store the dust and this can be removed and cleaned. 
  • The cable is of a good length and you can move around while you are cleaning your home. 
  • This might be a mini blower but it does not come cheap. It costs more than some of the premium air blower brands in India. 
  • Ferm gives you a 6 month warranty on this air blower, which is quite the market standard. 
Light weight.Expensive.

#6- Black + Decker BDB530 air blower

Black + Decker is another premium brand producing gadgets that are industrial quality and which last forever. 

  • The BDB530 air blower performs at an RPM of 16,000, at a power of 530 W. 
  • Now that is some amazing performance when you consider that of other air blowers in the market. 
  • It also comes with a suction mode, so use this as a vacuum when you have those annoying corners to reach. 
  • This orange and black device comes with a dust bag attached that can be removed and cleaned without hassle. 
  • The cord is about 3 metres long, making it feasible to move around without an extension box or having to unplug it a zillion times. 
  • You can turn on the lock mode for continuous blowing and reduce the pressure and strain on your fingers. 
  • It goes without saying that this is priced as a premium product as well, but worth every rupee you spend. 
  • Black + Decker gives you a 6 month long warranty on this air blower.  
It comes with a suction mode.Low motor power.

#7- Jakmister Unbreakable Plastic 700 W

For the price sensitive lot, the Jakmister air blower is a fantastic option. 

  • Costing a mere fraction of the Black + Decker, and performing at a speed of 16000 RPM, you couldn’t ask for anything better. 
  • This blue coloured air blower is made of durable plastic that Jakmister claims is unbreakable. It certainly feels so, even when it blows at 90 miles per hour. 
  • As any good air blower, this comes with a lock on button for easing out the strain on your fingers and palms, especially when you have to use this to clean for a long time. 
  • The carbon brush can be removed quickly and without a struggle to be cleaned. 
  • One thing this lacks is a vacuum feature, but hey, the primary function of this is that of an air blower, and that is done very well by this device. 
  • Jakmister gives you a 6 month warranty on the product, covering manufacturing defects. 
Powerfull motor.Average build quality.

#8- DEWALT DWB800-IN air blowers in India

Dewalt is not a brand you skip when you are reviewing the best air blowers in India. Definitely one of the most powerful air blowers, and the best in performance, durability and quality, the Dewalt DWB800-IN is a market leader. 

  • This air blower works at a power of 800W, with an air flow rate of 4.5, perfect for blowing away the leaves in your lawn in just a few seconds. 
  • This has the dual performance of a vacuum as well, where it can suck at a capacity of 2.5 metre cube per minute. 
  • It comes with all the other features of a good blower device like a lock-on switch, which helps you use it for a long time without tiring your fingers. 
  • The dust collection bag can be removed quickly to clean up and attached easily too. Premium products focus on the comfort of the user. 
  • This device has a rubber handle that makes it comfortable for the user to grip and use for long durations. 
  • The whole device is sealed well to protect it from the dust and thereby improve its lifespan. 
  • Having said all this, we have to mention that this air blower costs you twice that of the other reputed air blower brands. 
  • Confident in the quality and efficiency of their gadgets, Dewalt offers you a pretty long warranty of 2 years on this product. 
High rate of airflow.None.

#9 – Junkyard 550 W 

This is a splash of both affordability and efficiency and can work perfectly in keeping with your homes and decor. 

  • The power of the air blower is pretty strong and can come off as very effective in taking off even the most minute dust particle from the surface. 
  • The exterior of this blower is pretty sturdy and does not wear off or break with regular usage. 
  • Your household chores are made easier and work super easy with everything that you have around especially if you have a compact space. 
  • The only downside is that it does not have a speed regulator so you might have trouble working quickly. 
Pros Cons 
Cheap and affordable. Does not have a speed regulator. 

#10 – China air blower 

China air blower is that lightweight cleaning equipment you always wanted to clean everything in and around your house at a quick pace without having to worrying about getting too tired. 

  • The one thing we can assure you about the China air blower is that it can resist rough handling and will be there around for a long time so that you can keep your home spik and span. 
  • The main pro of this product is that it is kind on your pockets while also promising durability. 
  • This is a clever choice for small and compact spaces and can be helpful to remove dust particles. 
Pros Cons 
Durable and affordable. No speed regulator. 

What is the use of an air blower?

An air blower comes in really handy when you want to quickly clean a place. Whether it’s your backyard garden or your apartment’s balcony, it can be annoying at times to see loads of fallen leaves, especially when you want to sit there and sip on some tea. An air blower can quickly do the job. You can even put it to use inside your home for those hard to reach nooks and corners where dust fills up. 

Now that you have decided to buy an air blower, finding the right one, one that will work efficiently and will suit your needs, is the next step. Refer to these product reviews to help you decide which one you can go for. 

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