Top Air Coolers In India 2022

Scorching summers, the sweltering heat. What will make this better is a nice cold drink and an air cooler blowing some cool breeze on you. While Air Conditioners are the popular option in a hot country like India, air coolers have their own fan following for how convenient they are. They are portable, easier to maintain and cheaper to purchase and use. Here are the top air coolers in India you can find today:

Best Air Coolers In India 2021

Crompton Optimus
Orient Electric Smartcool DX 
Havells Desert air cooler
Cello Marvel

# 1- Crompton Optimus 65-Litre Desert Air Coolers in India 

The Crompton Optimus cooler tops our list for its strength and efficiency. 

  • It has smooth wheels that make this portable. 
  • The ice chamber is easy to use and clean. 
  • The louvers are in front and the horizontal ones can be closed fully when not in use. This keeps away unwanted dust, insects and pests from entering it. 
  • The vertical louvers have an automatic swing mechanism for better reach. 
  • You also have a water level indicator and a motor overload protector. 
  • The chrome finished buttons are smooth and neat in appearance. 
  • Though this cooler is advertised as a Desert cooler, it cannot be used in a very large or open space. Most coolers in India are advertised as Desert Coolers but this is not necessarily true. What they mean is that this is strong enough to cool a large room and blows with a lot of pressure but the size is small and portable and therefore, can only be used in a home or office. 
Easy to handle. Cannot cool large rooms. 

#2 – Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36-litres Personal Air Cooler in India 

Not as expensive as many other brands of appliances, Bajaj is India’s own Value for money option. 

  • The Platina PX97 Torque air cooler functions perfectly in your bedroom or study where you have one or two occupants.
  •  It comes with 3 side cooling pads for improved cooling that are easy to remove and a honeycomb cooling media. 
  • You have controller switches that can be used for three speeds. 
  • This is easy to maintain as all you need to do is change the way only once in two weeks and clean out the tray. 
  • It functions quietly without disturbing your sleep or work. 
  • This cooler is small in size, light in weight and comes equipped with smooth wheels to move it around without any difficulty. 
  • Bajaj gives you a one year warranty on the product.  
Quite and does not make any noise. Only one warranty

#3 – Symphony HiCool-i Modern Personal Room Air Cooler in India 

This is a neat air cooler equipped with remote control, apt for your home or a small office room. 

  • With a capacity of 31 litres, it works effectively when there are one or two people occupying the room. 
  • This cooler comes fitted with a series of filters that include a dust filter, an allergy filter, a bacterial filter and a smell filter to give you the purest air possible. 
  • The vertical air swing and the honeycomb pads blow your cool air to its fullest potential. 
  • The remote control and the control panel are user friendly. 
  • The machine comes with an auto shut off feature that switches off when it senses voltage fluctuation, thus protecting the motor and prolonging its life.  
Premium features. None

#4 – iBELL DESIRE20P Air Cooler in India

The Desire 20P air cooler by iBell is a basic, small-sized machine, perfect for a small hostel room or office cubicle occupied by one person. 

  • With a capacity of 20 litres, this consumes very little power when compared to the bigger air coolers we find in the market, and can function on an inverter. 
  • It is fitted with 4 wheels that make this lightweight cooler to be moved around easily. 
  • The control panel is simple with two buttons, one of which can be used to adjust the speed between three settings. The other button is to choose the swing setting. 
  • You can measure the water level in the transparent indicator and refill as required. 
  • You get an 18-month warranty (which is longer than what most brands offer) out of which one year is by default and an additional 6 months is through free registration. 
Pros Cons 
Good warranty period. None. 

#5 – Kenstar Double Coolers in India 

When it comes to cooling your home, Kenstar has a name and reputation that is unmatchable. 

  • The Cool Dx air cooler is small in size and works like a pro. It can be used to cool a bedroom or a small office space. 
  • It has a capacity of 50 litres.
  •  It doesn’t come with wheels but it is light and convenient to move around. 
  • This one uses wood wool evaporative pads and consumes very low power. This cooler is built of a thermally re-engineered plastic outer body that does not corrode. It has a four way air deflection system and 3 speed level settings. 
  • Kenstar offers a one year warranty on this system. 
  • One downside of this is that the water level indicator is not very clear and might require you to check regularly to ensure smooth function. 
Good capacity. Water level indicator is unclear.

#6 – Orient Electric Smartcool-DX CP1601H air coolers in India 

Ideal for small rooms like your standard bachelor pad or a hostel room, the Orient Electric Smartcool DX comes with a 16 litre capacity. 

  • This has a simple build of an ice tray on top with two knobs, one for the speed setting and another for the swing function. 
  • The cooler comes with a four way air deflection system and motorised vertical vents.
  •  Fitted with four wheels, this cooler can be moved around with ease.
  •  The honeycomb cooling pads are densely formed to offer 25% better cooling and more water retention capacity. 
  • The dust filter gives you safe air to breathe.
  •  This also runs on an inverter so you don’t have to worry about those annoying power cuts during the summer. 
  • Orient gives you a one year anti-rust warranty on the body by default and an additional 2 year warranty when you register.  
2 years warranty. Expensive

# 7- Havells Celia Desert Air Cooler

The Havells Desert air cooler has a capacity of 55 litres that can cool a large living room or a medium sized office area. 

  • Though it says it’s a desert air cooler, it may not be effective in very large open spaces or banquet areas. 
  • The noise produced by this cooler is very minimal and does not disturb you while you’re working or during your time of rest. 
  • The louvers are fully collapsible, so you don’t have the bother of insects and dust collecting inside it when it’s not in use. 
  • Fitted with four wheels, move this around according to your need and convenience. 
  • It’s easy to fill water in the tank and it comes with multiple speed settings and swing options. 
  • Havells offers a one year warranty and service options for this product.  
Can be easily moved. Expensive. 

#8 – Cello Marvel Desert Air coolers 

This is a air cooler that is perfect for large spaces and can do a brilliant job of cooling the space is short period of time without having to wait around for a while. 

  • This air cooler has a capacity of 60 litres which is pretty huge compared to the other products on our list. This can easily cool large office space with a bunch of people in it. 
  • The safety feature of this air cooler is that it beeps when the water level is dropping so that you can refill the tank. We know how hard it can be when you are unaware of the water level reducing 
  • You can also check how much water is in the tank since there is a clear indicator of the same on the air cooler. 
  • The only downside is since this is capable of being so powerful, it is quite hefty which means you need a considerable space to put this. 
  • It comes with a year warranty. 
Pros Cons 
Powerful and really efficient. Since it is heavy it can be quite heavy. 

#9 – BAJAJ DMH 67 67 desert air cooler 

Coming with a hexagonal design this air cooler is another one of our favourites as it is medium-sized and can be used in the house or the office. 

  • It comes with a 67-litre water capacity which means you can be reliant on it for large and spacious rooms. 
  • It consumes about 220 watts which is pretty decent for how efficient it is. 
  • There is a water level indicator is pretty helpful in knowing when the water is dropping and you need to refill the tank. 
  • This is yet again a powerful air cooler available in India so if you need it for big rooms, you need to go for this!
Pros Cons 
Very powerful. Expensive. 

#10 – Symphony Jumbo desert cooler 

Here’s another from Symphony since one is not enough. This is the Jumbo version which means its bigger and more powerful than the previous one we have mentioned. 

  • This is a 70-litre water tank which is pretty big and effective for huge rooms even if it does have windows. 
  • It consumes about 230 W which is pretty decent. 
  • The quality of this air cooler is rust free and good quality plastic which means it can stick around for a while. 
  • It has a warranty of one year which means you can replace the product if you are not completely satisfied. 
Pros Cons 
Really powerful and efficient. Expensive. 

Best Coolers in India below 10000

iBell Deluxe air cooler 
i Bell coolplus air cooler
Bajaj platini air cooler 
Crompton air coolers 

Types of air coolers in India

  • Desert Coolers: These are the really huge air coolers you find (usually in big rooms rented out for weddings and events). They have large capacities and can blow with enough strength to cool even an outdoor area. They have powerful fans and pumps that work efficiently even in dry areas. These may not be suitable for small rooms in a house. 
  • Personal coolers: These are perfect for homes and office cabins which are used by about 2 to 3 people. They blow cool air and can be moved around easily.  
  • Window coolers: These are similar to window ACs but are easier to install. If you don’t want to install them, you can also mount them on a trolley and make them portable.
  • Tower coolers: These are the modern version of personal coolers. They are slim and occupy lesser space but perform as well as personal coolers. These can be used in your living room or bedroom to cool one or two people. 

Is air cooler better than AC?

Air coolers are not as strong as ACs and will definitely not cool the room the way an AC does but they do come with a lot of other benefits. 

Cost: Split ACs these days are very expensive while air coolers cost just a fraction of that price.

Portable: These are smaller, lighter and portable than Air Conditioners

Save electricity: Air coolers consume lesser power than air conditioners

Cleaner air: While ACs circulate the air internally because your windows and doors are closed, air coolers blow fresher air, so you don’t get stale air any time

Better for the environment: Air coolers don’t use refrigerants or harmful gases, so they are better for both your health as well as are a green option, better for the environment. 

Which cooler is better fan or blower?

This depends on the size of your room. Blower type of air coolers are slightly weaker but they work best for small rooms like your bedroom or study. They can be used if the room is being used by 2 or three people. Fan coolers are bigger and use powerful motors to blow air with a lot of pressure. These are best for open areas or big rooms like banquet halls. 

How do we rate air coolers? 

There is a clear cut way of determinin gif the air cooler you’re interested in is worth the money or if you should move on to a better brand. Here are some ways you can find out if you are buying the right air cooler. 

Efficiency of cooling 

Although this is kind of a given since you’re looking at making your space cooler, the speed of the cooling has to be taken into consideration. Now, each brand has its own cooling mechanism and you need to choose the air cooler based on the space of your room. 


This is a factor you need to consider when you are buying anything online. The money you are splurging on a certain product need to be dependent on the quality of the product and you need to be confident that it will stick around for a long time. 


The customer reviews are one of the direct ways to get an insight into the performance of the product. The people who have already bought the product can actually give you an idea of how this will help you. 

Besides these products for shopping portals, you can refer sites which give detailed information of the product such as ours for various other home appliances. 

There are hundreds and thousands of different brands and varieties of air coolers in India. Unfortunately, not all of them are created equally and this can be frustrating for someone trying to buy one to suit their needs. That is why we took on the task of researching in-depth to bring to you only the best air coolers in India. 

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