Top 10 Baby Carrier in India 2022

Baby carriers are a boon to every parent. Period. 

If you’re thinking about a stroller, we would have to jump in on that and say that baby carriers are much safer and easier to use. Not only is it a safe place for your baby but it is also a much easier process for you. We know how important choosing a carrier for your baby is and with the myriad of options available it can be overwhelming. So here are the top baby carriers in India for you to choose from.

Best Baby Carrier in India 

Best baby carrier in India Age GroupWeight of the baby carrier Capacity of baby carrier  
Kol Kol Baby carrier 6 months- 1 year650gms 20 kg
Kiddale cotton baby carrier 5 months to 2 years 858 gms Upto 15 kgs
U Grow baby carrier 1 year to 3 years862 gms 3.5 to 15 kgs 
LuvLap baby carrier 5 months to 1 year 640 gms Upto 15 kgs 
Mee Mee baby carrier 
6 months to 1 year 531 gms Upto 12 kg 

#1 – Kol Kol Baby carrier 

This one from Kol Kol is handmade and is made exclusively with cotton so there is no doubt for the safety factor. 

  • It provides a safe seating posture for the baby while also giving the person carrying it good blood circulation through the arms and shoulders. 
  • Since it is made out of 100% cotton it is breathable and gives the baby a lot of comfort. 
  • Another feature to note is that it is gentle and soothing against the skin as it is organic and does not give in to any kind of irritation for the baby. 
  • It has shoulder pads which is an added comfort to the already well managed carrying. 
  • Besides this, you also have a place to keep your keys, phone and wallet. 
Super comfortable and safe for the baby and the carrier. Head will not be supported. 

#2 – Kiddale cotton baby carrier 

A baby carrier which allows you to carry your baby in more than one position! 

  • This involves being a sling while also serving as a carrier which allows you to change positions every now and then. Not only is it comforting to the baby but the carrier is also relieved in certain parts of his body. 
  • Another major feature of this baby carrier is that it can carry a baby from 2 months old all the way up to 2 year olds. So think of this as an investment for years. 
  • You can literally walk anywhere with your baby with the help of this baby carrier because of the cosiness and comfort of this baby carrier. 
  • It has wide webbed shoulder pads which keeps your shoulders relaxed, not letting the weight impact your joints. 
  • It also had a weather cover which protects your child from the sun. 
  • Given all these amazing features, the baby carrier is a tad expensive but consider it an investment which will last for a long time. 
Pros Cons
Super light and can carry babies up to 2 years old. Expensive. 

#3 – U Grow baby carrier in India 

This is a hip sitter baby carrier which will solve all your problems of shoulder and muscle pain. 

  • This baby carrier supports the knees, buttocks and thighs, making it super comfortable for the baby to sit or sleep on the bosom without any kind of inconvenience. 
  • The seat is adjustable which you can monitor every now and then to change your position or according to the baby’s actions. 
  • It has a sturdy and strong build which means it is durable for the long haul. 
  • It has the capacity to support children up to 2 years of age. 
  • There are compartments which allows you to keep your other essentials. 
Pros Cons 
Can carry a lot of weight. The bag is a little heavy. 

#4 – LuvLap baby carrier 

If you have purchased baby products before, then LuvLap is a name you will remember for sure!

  • The seating is very cosy and protects your baby in every sense and makes sure you don’t have jerks. 
  • It has leg holes which does not allow your baby’s legs to rub against each other which is very important to avoid infections and irritations. 
  • A hard board is present to give your baby’s head support. This is something most of the products listed above don’t have. 
  • A wide shoulder pad is present to keep your baby and you in comfort without strain. 
  • This baby bag allows various positions that will allow your baby to sleep, sit and you can even breastfeed your baby. 
  • You even have space for your essentials like phone, wallet and keys. 
Pros Cons 
Comfortable. Does not have an instruction manual 

#5 – Infantino baby carrier 

This baby carrier from Infantino is ideal for parents who travel or commute a lot. 

  • This is well designed and looks adorable with its polka dot design. 
  • It has a sturdy waist belt which is really comfortable and sound for the baby and the parent. 
  • The best part about buying this baby carrier is that it is lightweight and it does not let you feel the pressure of it. 
  • As we mentioned before, this is perfect for parents who move around a lot with their baby. So this allows a non-jerk technique which keeps the baby in place without having to affect the body in any way. 
Pros Cons 
Easily portable. No head support 

#6 – Mee Mee baby carrier 

Mee mee is not very well known as it is relatively new and is still making its way into the market.

  • It can be great for children upto 15 kgs which means when you invest in this it can last long and it is definitely worth it. 
  • It has a sturdy and strong headrest which means you can without a doubt carry your baby through rough ways. 
  • It’s made up of premium quality and is still lightweight. 
Can carry upto 15 kgs. Head cover absent. 

#7 – Chinmay baby carrier 

This baby carrier from Chinmay is one of the most comfortable baby bags you will find. 

  • The straps that come with this baby carrier allows you to buckle up the baby against you however tightly you want. 
  • It is super ideal for breastfeeding as the carrier allows for that position in a very comfortable way. 
  • It complies with the weather conditions as it comes with a cover that protects the baby from sun. 
Pros Cons
Affordable. Does not fit all waist sizes. 

#8 – Soul Cotton baby carrier 

Antil’s is a super premium brand that provides the best baby products of amazing quality. 

  • This baby carrier allows four comfortable positions to carry your baby which will come in handy in situations. 
  • It comes with 3 belts and 2 shoulder pads which we think is necessary for a good and safe baby carrier. 
  • In addition, there is a buckle on the side that ensures safety in case of jerks and sudden shakes. 
  • There is a hardboard for the head and the neck which keeps your baby against you at all times. 
Pros Cons
Allows four different positions. Quality could be better. 

#9 – Nina baby carrier 

Nina is a baby carrier that aims at promoting the message that your child should be closer to you at all times. 

  • This offers amazing head and neck rest giving your baby warmth and comfort always. 
  • It keeps your baby close against you at all times.
  • The baby carrier is waterproof which means it can take outside without fear of wearing off.
  • The quality of the baby carrier is amazing and top notch which means it will last long in spite of wear and tear. 
  • It is slightly expensive but the quality beats that as an investment. 
Good support for the baby and the carrier. Expensive. 

#10 – Mothertouch baby carrier 

Mothertouch is a brand that provides good quality baby products at an affordable price. 

  • The polka dot design is a point of attraction for all the parents because it is cute and super adorable. 
  • The shoulder pads can be attached from either sides of the baby carrier for good support and enclosement. 
  • A soft fabric is used for the whole bag, especially the seating area. So your baby will be comfortable. 
Pros Cons
Soft fabric for the whole bag. None. 

Which is the best baby carried in India?

The best baby carried in India is Kol Kol Baby carrier as it is made up of cotton and at the same time is of good quality. It complies with the parents’ need to keep the baby safe and secure at all times. The build is sturdy and strong which means it will last for a long time. 

How Do I Choose the Right Baby Carrier?

The first thing you can consider is how old your baby is so that you can choose the product based on that. Because if your baby is younger, then you will need a more sturdy and premium version of a baby carrier to hold your baby tight against you. 

How Long Can a Baby Be in a Carrier?

When a baby is in a carrier it is usually when the parent is strolling or for a nap. But at some point, your baby is going to get restless so the answer would be, not for long. You will have to keep picking your child up and keep her/him in your arms. 

Is It Safe for a Baby to Sleep in a Carrier?

There is no problem for a baby to sleep in a carrier as long as it fastens against the carrier. This way the jerks and other distractions do not come as a hindrance. 

What Are the Different Types of Baby Carriers?

There are three main types of baby carriers. 

  • Front baby carrier
  • Sling baby carrier 
  • Backpack baby carrier 

Can I sit while wearing a baby carrier?

The baby has to be held properly for you to be able to sit. The legs and the head of the baby have to be kept in the correct position for you to sit well. Keep your baby’s head against your cheat and the legs across for the ideal posture. 

Can a 1 month old use a carrier?

While there are baby carriers that pertain to newborns, we suggest you carry the baby yourself as it can affect the posture of the baby. Newborns are tender and the lack of support on certain baby carriers can be harmful for your baby. 

However, there are certain baby carriers in India for newborns which provide head and neck support and come in a small size which you check out. 

Are baby carriers bad for babies?

Baby carriers with good support actually give you the benefit of being more free. But it depends on the age of the baby. Doctors have recommended that baby carriers are not advised for babies under the age of 4 months as they are more prone to neck and spine injuries. But babies who are slightly developed will not have an issue as long as you pick the right baby carrier. 

We hope the above information will help you in picking out the perfect baby carrier for your baby so it helps you keep your child safe and sound!

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