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Top kids clothing brands in India 2022

Kids’ clothing should definitely not be boring. It needs to be fun and interesting. Each child has their own personality and they can express it through the kind of stylish clothing they choose. India is now flooded with plenty of clothing brands for kids, catering to every whim and fancy. Check out below for the Top Kids Clothing Brands in India

Best kids clothing brands in India 2022

Best kids clothing brands in IndiaFeatures 
MaxSimple and cute clothing for kids
Gini & Jony
Smart clothing for boys and girls
Cherokee by Unlimited
Stylish jeans, hoodies, tee shirts and sweatshirts.
MothercareElegant designs
United Colors of Benetton
Bright and vibrant colors
Pantaloons Junior
Premium quality fabrics
BumchumsEasily washed and dried
Naughty NinosEasy to find top styles for boys and girls

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Max is an all time favourite with people of all age groups for the stylish and trendy clothes, priced affordably. Part of the Landmark group, Max is the budget brand of the popular “Lifestyle” stores.

Max has a wide range of clothes for children, catering to any occasion you need clothes for – casual, festive or formal. 

Choose between tees, jeans, skirts, frocks, ethnic wear and much more. One of the reasons Max appeals to children is the “Avengers” line the brand carries, with clothes themed after kids’ favourite super heroes. 

Max clothes, though they are priced cheaper than many top brands, are very durable and easy to maintain with quick washes in the washing machine. 

You can also get matching accessories and shoes to go with the outfits you pick at Max. 

The store also has a good online collection with frequent discounts. 

Gini & Jony

Gini & Jony has been around forever, and it is one of the top kids clothing brands that parents consider when it comes to shopping for their children.

 With several stores across various locations in the country, that is no surprise. 

Gini & Jony has a wide collection of smart clothes for children, so whether it is a birthday party or a fun evening out with cousins, you will be spoilt for choice.

 Gini & Jony has always been considered an upmarket brand with clothes priced on the higher side. 

The brand still maintains the premium quality and is priced accordingly, but with ecommerce leading today’s world, you can score a few discounts when you shop online. 

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Cherokee by Unlimited

Cherokee by Unlimited is another top brand of clothing well known for adults’ clothes.

 The brand also carries a huge line of clothes for kids of all ages.

 This brand has plenty to offer in terms of party wear, with frocks for girls in different fabrics and styles. 

Ethnic styles like lehengas and salwar kurtas are also available for occasions that demand it. 

Boys can choose from stylish jeans, hoodies, tee shirts and sweatshirts.

 The clothes are fairly priced and are made from good quality fabrics. 

They do require a bit of extra care while washing, but if you take care of them, they will last a long time. 


As much as Mothercare brings us images of clothes and accessories for expectant mothers and newborn babies, the brand sells quite a large variety of clothes for children upto the age of 8 years. 

These clothes are made from premium quality fabrics. 

They are quite expensive, but the quality of the fabrics, the elegant designs and the comfort when worn are unbeatable.

 These are the kind of clothes you would want to dress your child in everyday as the cotton is soft on the skin and stretchy.

 Mothercare does not really have a great range when it comes to party wear or festive wear. 

United Colors of Benetton

United Colors of Benetton or UCB is probably the first brand many people will think of when they want to shop for clothes for a child, thanks to the wide advertising campaigns of the brand. 

With bright and vibrant colours, these are clothes that childhoods should be made of.

 Little boys and girls will enjoy dressing in these cute denim shorts, trendy jeans, super comfy tee shirts with lovely prints and flowery frocks. 

The clothes are made keeping in mind the comfort of the child, and are mostly designed out of premium quality cotton that is breathable and soft on the body.

Pantaloons Junior

Pantaloons Junior is a good mid budget brand of top kids clothing in India. 

With absolutely no compromise when it comes to either the quality of the fabrics or the designing of the clothes, you are assured of giving your kids a huge wardrobe of clothes that can withstand daily wear.

 The tee shirts, tops and frocks are mostly made from premium cotton and are very soft on the skin. 

They are also low maintenance as they can handle regular machine washes. 

Pantaloons Junior also has a range of party wear and festive wear clothes for kids.


Kidsville has clothes that are designed to appeal to children of primary and kindergarten age groups, and are definitely a relief for parents who are trying to find clothes that their children will absolutely love.

 While many brands sell a few clothes that have superhero themes, Kidsville is a brand that has its entire range themed on popular characters. 

Every piece of clothing stocked by this brand, be it tee shirts, shorts, track pants, hoodies or sweatshirts, has either the logo of your kids’ favourite super hero or an image of the heroes themselves.

 These clothes are authentic and are therefore quite expensive. 

Since they are original, they are also made with premium quality fabrics that are comfortable for the children even when worn the whole day. 

They are mostly machine washable but to help them last longer, you should take extra care. 


Bumchums is one of the best kids clothing brands that offers value for money. 

Kids go through a lot of clothes, especially when they are super active. In such cases, all you’re looking for are clothes that are low maintenance. 

These are clothes made from good quality cotton and are very comfortable during the hotter months of the year. 

These clothes come in bright colours and brilliant designs with a variety of patterns, attracting the little ones.

 Apart from clothes for kids, you also get top and bottom sets for babies made from soft cotton fabric that can be easily washed and dried. 

Naughty Ninos

Dressing up little girls is a dream come true. 

You can dress them up in frilly frocks, pretty tops and denims, cute skirts and go super stylish with clothes that are in trend right now. 

A brand that feeds this desire is Naughty Ninos. 

You can find clothes for all events, be it the school fete or a best friend’s birthday party, and you have a huge selection to pick from.

 Sizes are available for children from the age of 3 years to 12 years.

 Kids can choose from jumpsuits, pleated frocks, shirt dresses, t-shirt dresses, printed leggings and many more in fabrics like cotton, denim and synthetic. 

Most of these clothes are machine washable but require a bit of extra care. 

Naughty Ninos is priced as a premium brand but do check out online for slashed prices. 

Jam & Honey

Jam & Honey is Amazon’s own brand, bringing our kids a set of wonderful clothes for daily wear and casual occasions. 

Just because they are meant for daily wear doesn’t mean they are plain and boring though. 

The graphic tees are the kind that your kid will be thrilled to wear everyday, and coupled with the fact that these are made from soft and durable cotton, you can be assured that these machine washable garments will last you a long time. 

Apart from the tees, cotton shorts and pyjamas, Jam & Honey also has a range of casual shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies that can be teamed with jeans and trousers. 

For the colder months you can also get a couple of the jackets and vests to keep your little one warm, yet stylish. 

Mini Klub

A fairly new brand, Mini Klub has quickly won the hearts of many and made it to the Top Kids Clothing Brands in India. Mini Klub caters to newborns and for kids upto the age of 4 years.

 For a newborn, select from rompers suits, sleep suits and onesies in very soothing pastels with pleasant prints. 

As you would expect, these clothes are super soft and very durable.

 The last thing you want with baby clothes is to go through a tedious washing process, so these clothes are all machine washable and low maintenance. 

As your baby grows older, dress them up in Mini Klub’s cotton frocks, tee shirts, shorts and joggers, all in soft and comfortable cotton.

 For special occasions, Mini Klub has frilly skirts for the girls and blazers for the boys. 

Allen Solly

Allen Solly has made its mark as the go-to brand for adults’ formal clothes, but its children’s line is equally popular. 

You can expect the same kind of fabric quality, neat designs and excellent fit as you would expect from this leading brand’s clothing for adults. 

The line consists mostly of plain tees and polo shirts that can be teamed with jeans for a more formal occasion but there are loads of different colours you can choose from. 

There is also a choice of cotton shorts, leggings for girls, track pants and sweatshirts, cotton and t-shirt dresses apart from jeans and trousers. 

Allen Solly has clothes for children starting from the age of 3 and right upto the teen years.

 Kids’ clothes are also priced similar to the adults’ clothes.  

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Max is one of the best and top rated brands in India which works wonders for those who want to shop in a budget and bring in more exclusive styles.

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