Top Local Indian Footwear Brands 2022

Treading with comfort and with some affordable footwear is something we all want deep down within.

Heels, sandals, sneakers, and everything else come under the Indian footwear brands that are more accessible to everyone and work really well with everyone’s budget.

 If you are looking to get your feet something gentle and sturdy at the same time you need to check out some of the top local Indian footwear brands.

Just when we were hunting for one hub for the best styles for every occasion, we were convinced that there was in fact ONE. 

Metro is the most popular footwear brand in India with different styles for men and women. The brand aims at providing comfort and styles while also tending to the prices. Women have an exciting collection of heels, flats, gladiators and slip ons which serve for every occasion. Men have office shoes and crocs for a good deal. 

Indian footwear brands Best Styles 
Casual, festive, loungewear

Casual, loungewear

Festive, loungewear, sports
Sports, casual, festive

Festive, casual

Stylish, sleek, durable
Casual, Everyday-wear
Festive, loungewear, durable

Best Indian Footwear Brands in India


Paragon is the name you think of when you want sturdy and durable footwear. 

Hailing from God’s own country, Kerala, the chappals from Paragon is something that we need for the well being of our feet while having something durable. 

We are aware we are hyping the quality – the style is one of a kind and can be used for every occasion. 

Paragon caters to men dominantly. 

We love their bucked leather sandals which can be worn for festive occasions. 


  • Top quality 
  • Leather sandals 
  • One of a kind style 


If you want footwear for just lounging at home. These slippers for men are made up of rubber which is flexible and fits the foot well. 

The chappals are the comfiest and our favorite for how well they feel against the sole of the feet. You will be able to find these at any local store as they have managed to grab the attention of the consumers. 

The primary style that Relaxo focuses on is casual so you will not be able to find much formal shoes. 


  • Comfy 
  • Loungewear 
  • Slips on and casuals 


Liberty is one of the most renowned Indian brands for footwear because of the variety they layout. 

Not only does this cater to those who want quality but also pays equal attention to teens who want to stay on top when it comes to the trends. 

They have leather shoes that are considered great quality according to customer reviews. 

Unlike the other brands, Liberty has a great collection for women with their one of a kind heels, stilettos, and slip-on. 

Staying on top of a wide range of styles, it is also known as the brand that promises top-notch quality and extreme comfort. 

The stylish collection of gliders that they provide is something that we need in the Indian market for an affordable price. 


  • Stylish collection 
  • Great heels for women. 
  • Gliders are super comfy 


Lakhani is an Indian footwear brand primarily focused on men’s footwear which includes running shoes, gym shoes, chappals and sandals. 

Lakhani is recognized in India for its great quality and the impeccable style it promises in every model. 

The brand never fails to deliver the best with the quality it gives with shoes. We especially laud their running and gym shoes which aim at being gentle and comfy on the sole of the feet. 

The prices range from Rs. 500 – 2000 depending on the material of the shoes. 

If you are looking for some change in style make sure you give their leather shoes a look.


  • Great quality 
  • Amazing running, gym shoes for men 


Khadim’s is very popular among those who want to keep up with the latest trends when it comes to footwear. 

Women have an exciting and trendy collection of sandals, heels and shoes that work perfectly well for every occasion. What we absolutely love is their sandal collection which ranges from Rs. 400. 

Khadims promises great comfort and style at an affordable price. 

The best part is that it is easily accessible to the common man and works really well for everyone who craves style. 


  • Great collection for women 
  • Heels and sandals have a wide range of collection 
  • Affordable and stylish


VKC is another trustworthy brand in the Indian market with their super affordable collection of footwear for men and women. 

We are taken by surprise with their super casual footwear collection for men that have materials like leather, rubber and cotton. 

If you are interested in looking at chappals that are stylish and can be worn outdoors, VKC is the ultimate hub for it. 

Make sure you check out their slip on that work for both men and women. 


  • Affordable. 
  • Footwear for men and women 


Mochi is an Indian brand which is our personal faborite with their posh and great quality styles that keep up with the latest trends. 

If you are wedding shopping and need shoes that work for every event, Mochi is the place for you! 

Their heel collection is so exquisite and elegant that you want to get yourself a pair RIGHT AWAY! 

Their collection for men is another highlight of the store as they have some rare designs and trends that come as a favorite for those who love fashion. 

They have their stores everywhere, make sure you drop by to pick up some of the best styles. 


  • Great styles 
  • Unconventional and rare designs 
  • Caters both men and women 


WalkMate is your go-to if you need affordable and casual footwear. 

Their sandals for men come in different sizes and colours that work for casual occasions. Their rare designs for chappals and slip ons is noteworthy given their prices are reasonable and don’t take too much from you. 

We love that the colors are so exciting and cater to those who love bold and subtle styles. 

Check out their offers which run for a limited time for men’s sandals and slip ons. 


  • Great styles for men 
  • Bold and subtle styles 


Looking for one HUB. For casual, fancy and other styles? 

Metro is it. 

They balance their styles for men and women equally by laying out the most stylish from the lot. These stores are open and functional in bog cities and have a great following for their changing styles. 

Their prices vary depending on the kind of styles that you go for. Make sure you purchase from the store when they are giving you exciting discounts on the latest styles. 


Khadim’s is the one brand on our list that can give you every style you desire on your feet while also making sure you are comfortable. 

By catering to the comfort bit, it also makes sure it has a wide range of styles that you can choose from for every occasion. What we love about the brand is the heels and stilettos are in the right collection and you can choose the right one according to your deepest desire. 


  • Women have a great collection of styles 
  • Comfort and style in the right balance 
  • Affordable

Action shoes

Action is pretty popular among the Indian clientele with a wide range of footwear for different occasions.

Action offers an interesting line of footwear for adults as well as kids with an already set tone for both.

The kids section is super fun and cute with a wide range of footwear for both girls and boys. Believe us, you will not be disappointed!

Action is a brand which believes that quality can match with minimal pricing and has everything within the average budget of people.


  • Average pricing
  • Great styles for kids
  • Good quality.


Sparx is one of the most affordable brands for footwear that is available in the country for both men and women.

The main thing that this brand focuses on is quality and durability. We have got to say that they have nailed these two features and brought a sense of trust between the brand and the clientele.


  • Durable and good quality.
  • Casual styles
  • Great shoes for men.

Having the best footwear to go about your everyday is life is extremely important and necessary to tend to your feet and have a comfortable life. We hope we have made that possible with our curated list.


Metro is one brand which has the best styles that have shoes that are durable and of good quality.

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