Top Portable Sewing Machines For Home Use In India 2022

Sewing is a long-forgotten art, replaced by the more commercial readymades. Sewing has its own charm, the beauty of hand made clothes that are customised to your liking. If you like sewing, I say, you are a lucky person cos you have a hobby that not only feeds your free time but also stimulates your creativity and satisfies your soul. 

Portable sewing machines are a good idea to own, whether you are starting off as a hobby or stitching professionally. India has some of the best sewing machines for home use as this is a country of people who have been sewing for generations. Read on to discover the best portable sewing machines for home use in India with prices.. 

Best portable sewing machines for home use in India 

#1- Usha Janome Wonder Stitch

You are going to be seeing a lot of sewing machines by Usha on our list and I don’t think that is going to surprise you. Our own desi brand has been a pioneer in manufacturing all kinds of machines, and have been a trusted brand for many tailors and designers over the years. Usha has kept up with the times and has given us loads of portable machines on par with those in the international market, making us proud. 

  • The Wonder stitch is a designer’s dream with 21 pre-set stitch functions and the triple strength stitch feature. 
  • This saves you time and energy as you don’t have to over your stitches to reinforce them, the way your mother or grandmother traditionally did. 
  • It lets you detach the extension for when you want to do circular stitches with ease. 
  • The handle attached makes it easy for portability. 
  • It makes your life even easier with an automatic needle threader, so save your eyesight for all the amazing embroidery you can do with the feed drop in this machine. 
  • The inbuilt sewing light is truly handy and helps when you need to make intricate designs. 
  • The thread cutter on the faceplate makes it quick and simple when you are done with a particular shade and want to move on. 
  • You get a hardcover along with this machine to safeguard it and keep it free of dust. 
  • Usha gives you a warranty of 2 years on this machine. 
21 pre-stitch functions.None 

#2- Singer Start 1306 portable sewing machines for home use 

Another brand which is going to flood our list of the best portable sewing machines for home use you can find in India is Singer. This American brand has a history of manufacturing sewing machines for nearly two centuries. Now that is something that speaks for itself. The Singer Start, as the name suggests is a great portable machine to purchase for those who are beginning to explore the world of tailoring and embroidery. 

  • The functions in this sewing machine covers all you need to get creative. 
  • Costing half the price of the Usha Wonder Stitch, this light and small machine comes with 6 pre-set stitches out of which one is decorative and one is a buttonhole. 
  • There is a removable free arm that you can use when you want to stitch in circles. 
  • The machine might be light but it feels quite sturdy and durable as it is built out of a heavy-duty metal frame. 
  • It comes with plenty of features like three different presser feet, an automatic bobbin rolling mechanism, an inbuilt LED light and a darning plate. 
  • Singer offers you a 2-year warranty on the Start.  
Built out of heavy-duty metal.Less pre-set stitches.

#3- Bernette Sew & Go sewing machines for home use in India 

If you want a sturdy and advanced sewing machine, who else should you buy from than a company which specialises in some of the best textiles in the world? Bernette, the Swiss brand, gives you Sew & Go, perfect for professionals who are advanced in their craft, who want a machine that will aid in their creativity. 

  • This portable machine is one of the most expensive you will find in the Indian market but believe me, it is worth every single rupee you spend on this. 
  • With 197 inbuilt stitches, including all the letters of the alphabet, numbers, signs, characters and many intricate designs, this computerised machine makes it easy and quick for you to translate your designs into the clothing. 
  • The LCD screen and the buttons are user friendly. 
  • With automatic threading, twin needle capacity, 8 presser feet and no need to step on to stitch, this is a stitcher’s best friend. 
  • The Bernette Sew & Go comes with a soft cover to protect it from dust.  
Comes with a digital LCD screen.Costly.

#4- Usha Janome Dream Stitch sewing machines in India 

Usha’s Dream Stitch comes with everything you need for a home sewing project. 

  • This is an automatic zig-zag stitching machine with a detachable free arm for circular stitching. 
  • Priced at what a beginner machine is generally priced, this is perfect for beginner and mid-range stitchers and embroiderers. 
  • It comes with an inbuilt sewing light, automatic tripping bobbin system and drop feed for embroidery. 
  • It has 7 inbuilt stitches including 4 for buttonholing. 
  • With a stitching speed of 550 stitches per minute, this machine can be comfortably used for projects like lacework, quilting and smocking. 
  • It is light and easy to move when you are switching rooms. 
  • As with the other machines, Usha offers a 2-year warranty on this portable sewing machine.  
High speed automatic stitching.Less inbuilt stitch functions.

#5- Singer 8280 portable sewing machines for home use

Portable sewing machines are truly useful only when they are light and self sustained. What we mean is, these machines should be able to have their own storage space to hold spools of thread, presser feet, needles and so on. 

  • The Singer 8280 is one of the best for beginners and amateurs exploring the world of sewing, embroidery and design. 
  • With all the inbuilt features one would require for the ease of stitching, like a sewing light, an automatic thread cutter and free arm for circular stitching, this light weight machine is very sturdy and durable. 
  • This comes with 24 stitch functions and 7 inbuilt stitch designs which are more than enough to start with. 
  • You also have a four step button hole foot and Singer provides you with plenty of standard accessories to make sewing a pleasure. 
  • It is very simple to operate and you don’t get confused with too many features that sometimes get difficult to navigate. 
Beginners friendly.Difficult to navigate

#6- Singer Promise portable sewing machines for home use 

Singer Promise is another portable sewing machine that can be used by both beginners as well as by advanced stitchers. 

  • Priced affordably, this high performance machine is built with a sturdy heavy-duty metal skeleton that is sure to last many years. 
  • It comes with 8 stitches, out of which 1 is decorative. 
  • Like the other basic 8280 model, this one also comes with 24 stitch functions for you to use. Intended to make life easier, and make your hobby very addictive, this machine has a convenient threading path, snap on presser feet so you aren’t wasting time fixing it on and removing it, and all the necessary accessories you might need like a pack of needles, bobbins, spool pin felt, seam ripper and a dust cover. 
  • You also have an accessory storage drawer to stash these things away in. Remove this to make space for your free arm circular stitching. 
  • You also get a guide for quilting included in this package, so that is another hobby you can explore with this sleek and classy machine. 
Pros Cons 
Comes with all the necessities. Costly

#7- Vivir Advance Mini sewing machines in India for home use 

If you are looking for something smaller and cheaper, take a look at the Vivir Advance Mini portable sewing machine. 

  • This rather cute looking machine is super light and can be carried with you, no matter which room in your home you choose to sit and stitch in. Costing a fraction of the price of the market leaders in sewing machines, the Vivir brings you everything and more. 
  • Working on batteries, this machine comes with a focus light and a thread cutter, to save you time and make it easier to work. 
  • It has an adjustable speed, so use it depending on your level of comfort. 
  • It sews in a single chain stitch line, and it has a foot control pedal. It comes with a bunch of accessories like bobbins, threader, AC adapter, stitch remover, press buttons, measuring tape, some spools of thread and even a pair of scissors to encourage you to begin your hobby with a bang.
  •  Do keep in mind that since this is quite small, it may be more suitable for small framed people or for children. 
  • This is one of the best sewing machines under 5000 in India. 
Pros Cons 
Affordable. Too small 

#8- Qualimate portable sewing machines for home use 

Moving away from the Ushas and Singers that are flooding the market, shines a brand called Qualimate. In its own quiet space, this has quite a few people using the portable sewing machines and very happily. 

  • Though it is priced on par with the leading brands, you can get this for a great deal online.
  •  Qualimate is an excellent choice for an advanced tailor or a beginner as it has 10 built in patterns and they are double stitched with double needles. 
  • You can comfortably go forward or in reverse and do circular stitching as well. It has an automatic winding function and adjustable tension that helps you sew on different patterns and try your hand at machine embroidery.
  •  There is an inbuilt LED light that makes it convenient to work when the light is not enough. 
  • Easy to use and very user-friendly, this machine also comes with several accessories, making this buy a delight.  
User friendly. Not always available. 

#9 – USHA international portable sewing machine 

If you have just started out sewing or confused about what kind of sewing machine to buy for the first time, USHA has you covered – once again! 

  • You can manage 6 stitches with each stamp which is a lot as the zigzags work very efficiently. 
  • Reverse stitching is easily possible with this sewing machine and can come in handy when it comes to home use. 
  • The reverse stitching is possible in a single touch and does not take much time or effort from the person sewing. 
  • USHA guarantees you 2 years with this sewing machine for home use. 
Pros Cons
Great for beginners as it is user friendly. Cannot perform complex embroidery on this. 

#10 – Singer tradition FM 2250 

Here’s is yet another one from Singer that you definitely need if you are looking for something user friendly. 

  • Besides the fact that it used low power and takes very less from the user it also has an LED indicator which comes in handy for when it is dark or when there is not enough light. 
  • It works quickly as it completes 10 stitches with every stamp which is a lot. 
  • The best part about using this portable sewing machine is that it is very time saving and gives you so much time to save. 
  • Again this sewing machine has 2 years warranty. 
Pros Cons
Very easy and time saving with every usage. It can be hard for the thread to blend in with the machine at times. 

Portable sewing machines are god sent and can be used with so much ease. We hope these top picks make your stitching experience an easy one.

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