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Top Room Heaters In India 2022

In the biting cold winter, you don’t want to always walk around inside your home draped in layers of sweaters and socks. Give your woollens a rest when you’re inside your home with the top room heaters in India:

Best room heaters in India 2022

#1- Usha Quartz Room Heater

One of the most trusted brands in India, Usha has been around for ages. Whether its a ceiling fan or a tablefan, Usha is the name you commonly see around you. 

  • The quartz room heater tops our list for good reason. Ideal for rooms that are small in size, this is what you should get yourself if you live in a bachelor accommodation or a small hostel room. Place it next to you when you fall asleep to keep you warm and cosy. 
  • There are two heat settings and this consumes very low power. 
  • This heater designed for spot heating comes equipped with an overheating protection technology that keeps you safe. 
  • If the heater tips over or falls, there is a safety switch that immediately turns this off, so you don’t burn the carpet. 
  • The body is durable and has a powder-coated finish that is corrosion-free. 
  • Usha gives you a one year warranty on the product. 
Pros Cons
It is durable and lasts long. Expensive. 

#2- Orpat OEH-1260 2000-Watt Fan Heater 

The next one on our list of the best room heaters in India is the small-sized Orpat OEH-1260 that looks neat and classy. 

  • This is a fan heater meant for spot heating and is perfect for small bedrooms or hostel rooms. 
  • Being a fan heater, this does make a bit of noise, more like a hum, when compared to the silent radiator heaters. 
  • The Orpat comes with an overheat protection and safety cut off to prevent the instrument from burning out. 
  • You can use the thermostat to choose various temperature settings and speeds depending on your comfort. As a bonus, this one also has a cord winder facility to neatly tuck this away in a shelf when you aren’t using it. 
  • This comes in two colours for you to choose from, an apricot and a grey.
Small in sizeNoisy

#3-Bajaj RHX-2 800-Watt Room Heater

There is definitely not going to be a list of the best room heater in India without a Bajaj on it. 

  • One of the best brands in India for electrical instruments that function efficiently, Bajaj can be relied upon. 
  • The RHX-2 is a radiator type of room heater that is perfect for warming up small rooms like your bedroom or a small-sized living room. 
  • It uses two halogen tubes with chrome-plated reflectors that enable even heating throughout the room. 
  • It takes only around 10 to 15 minutes to heat up a small room. 
  • Being a radiator, this is silent and gives you peaceful sleep. 
  • It gives you the option of two heat settings. 
  • The safety tip-over switch immediately cuts off power if the heater tilts over or falls down. 
  • Bajaj offers you a 2 year warranty on this product. 

#4- Usha HC 812 T 2000-Watt Heat Convector 

We have another room heater from Usha on our list, this one being a portable one. 

  • The HC 812 T 2000-Watt heater comes with a twin blade fan so that the heat gets distributed evenly through the room. 
  • You get three heat settings and two fan settings to choose to keep you warm. Use the thermostat to adjust the heat to your needs. 
  • Weighing as light as 3.3 kgs, this portable heater can be carried and moved around easily with the sturdy handle. 
  • The stand can be adjusted to alter the height and position of the heater. 
  • The indicator light is pretty useful when you need to locate this in the night. 
  • Like all top-selling room heaters, this also comes equipped with safety features like copper conductors in its cord. 
  • You get a one year warranty on this product. 
Very light weightLimited one year warranty

#5- A & Y-BRAND room heaters 

If you don’t want to invest too much in a room heater and need it just for a few days or when you travel, you can opt for this one. 

  • The heat converter by A&Y brand is a light in weight, efficient portable room heater that is great value for money. 
  • This functions well in moderately cold places. 
  • This small sized heater can be moved around easily and is meant for spot heating or for small spaces. 
  • You can use the two knobs to adjust the temperature and heating positions of the heater. 
  • The indicator light comes in handy when you want to locate the heater in the darkness. 
  • The handle is convenient to lift this heater when you want to move it. 
  • One downside is that this heater will have to be handled with care as the build does not seem to be very strong. 
Portable sizePoor build

#6- Havells Cista Room Heater

Priced higher than most Indian brands of room heaters, Havells is a premium brand offering premium quality products. 

  • The Cista room heater is built to be sturdy and durable. 
  • This portable heater can be conveniently moved around using the handle attached. 
  • The stand below is strong and can be adjusted for a comfortable height and position. 
  • The indicator light comes on when you turn it on and is useful when you need to see this in the night. 
  • There are knobs to turn it on and to adjust between two heat settings and control the temperature. 
  • Perfect for small rooms, this heater also comes with an overheat protection technology and a cool touch external body to keep you and your surroundings safe. 
  • Havells offers you a one year warranty on the Cista. 
Cool fan functionNoisy

#7- V-Guard 800 RH2QT-1000 Room Heater

The quartz heater by V-Guard is efficient, easy on the pocket and therefore, preferred by many. 

  • V-Guard is synonymous with safety and this is employed in the 800 RH2QT-1000 Room Heater as well. 
  • This small heater is designed to look neat and elegant and equipped with automatic tip-over protection for safety. 
  • With absolutely no noise, this heater with two heat settings will warm up your small room in a jiffy. 
  • Apt for spot heating and for small rooms, you can keep this heater close to you during the cold winter nights to warm you up. 
  • You get a one year warranty by V-guard on this room heater. 
Pros Cons 
Noiseless. Expensive.

#8- Bajaj Minor 1000 Watts Radiant Room Heater 

Here is another top-selling Bajaj room heater on our list.

  •  The Minor 1000 watts room heater is a radiator type of instrument that quickly warms up a small space. 
  • Made of a steel body with a nickel chrome plated mesh grid, this heater looks as good as it functions. 
  • The plating makes it strong and corrosion resistant, extending the lifespan of the heater. 
  • You get even heating throughout the room.
  •  The cotton braided cord keeps you safe and gives you peace of mind. 
  • The tilting legs make this portable and the heater is quite light, so you can carry it and place it wherever you need it. 
  • You can also adjust the height according to your requirement. 
  • Like the other Bajaj room heaters, you get a 2 year warranty on this, which is longer than those offered by other brands. 
Pros Cons
All features are adjustable. None. 

#9- Lifelong Flare 2000 Watt Fan Room Heater

Similar in appearance and function to the A&Y room heater, the Lifelong Flare 2000 watt  room heater is another good option if you want something light that you can travel with.

  • This small fan heater comes with a cool touch body, making it possible for you to move it around even while it is on and running. 
  • The fan makes a soft rumbling noise but not loud enough that it would disturb your sleep or work. 
  • You get three options for the heat setting, namely, hot, cool and warm.
  •  It comes with an inbuilt overheating protection system. 
  • You get a 1 year warranty by default for this heater, with the option of extending it to an additional 6 months. 
Pros Cons 
Inbuilt protection system. None. 

#10- Indus Plastic Shivako Blower Type Room Heater 

Small sized room heaters may not be efficient to warm up the entire room or large spaces but they do have their benefits. 

  • They help you save lots of power and money on electricity bills. 
  • They are perfect if you need it for just one person or a small room of 2 people. 
  • The Indus Shivako room heater is a fan heater that is a great option if you are looking for a budget buy. 
  • It is light in weight, weighing less than 500 grams, portable and quite powerful with strong, heavy-duty heating elements. 
  • You have knobs that you can adjust for your ideal heat and temperature settings. 
  • The Indus room heater comes with a warranty of one year.  
Pros Cons
Lightweight. Covers only a small area. 

Which one is better blower or room heater? 

While a blower takes care of the ventilation part, a room heater only focuses on getting the room warmer and in better temperature. An air blower will make sure the air is circulating around an entire closed space without having to try to manually move it. The same goes in for a room heater except that it gets the room temperature up and keeps it that way. 

Does a room heater reduce oxygen in the room? 

A room heater burns down the oxygen and keeps the room temperature up. A quick and safe solution for this issue would be opening up the windows every now and then to make sure there is enough air circulation on the room and the air circulation drop is levelled. 

Things to consider while buying a room heater

  • The most important thing to consider when you are purchasing a room heater is the size of the room or space you are in. The smaller your space is the smaller your need for a room heater should be. This way you will know how the heat is distributed across the given space without it going overboard. 
  • Energy consumption is another important factor you need to consider when purchasing for a room heater. Mostly the huger ones consume more energy and if that is a matter of concern you can steer clear of those kinds. 
  • There are safety features that you should consider when you are purchasing a room heater and that includes the heating factor and how much of an impact it has on you when you are moving around the place. 

While sitting around a warm, sizzling fire might seem romantic, these days, we don’t have much of an opportunity to do that in our compact homes. Room heaters are the next best thing we can think of to warm ourselves up (along with some hot masala chai, let’s not forget the chai!). They are safe, don’t cause any allergies which smoke can sometimes cause and there are so many models and types available in the Indian market. Not all of them function the way we want them to, though, so we’ve done all the research and trials to bring you a list of the best room heaters in India. So choose one of these to instantly warm you up when the mercury levels dip!

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