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8 Top Safe Lockers For Home In India 2022

Looking for safe locker to keep your valuables safe at home? We curated the top safe lockers for home in India. Check it out!

Safe lockers for homes are very essential products these days to secure the most valuable belongings of the household including jewelry, crucially important documents, precious metals and stones, money and others. 

Valuables are the most common targets of robbers and thieves. Given the increasing instances of thefts and robberies in the news, securing the valuables in safe lockers leaves you and the other inmates of the house with enough peace of mind. 

Safe lockers have some reliable advantages like sturdy build, tamper-proof body and locks, easy and convenient storage features and fire and water resistant qualities which make them the ideal options for storing valuables.

The market is replete with a large number of options when it comes to shopping for safe lockers. Here is a review of the top safe lockers for home in India that you can rely upon for their safety features, quality and price. 

This review follows after a detailed study of the best safe locker brands in India, their features and prices. This review of safe lockers in India will help you choose the best safe lockers for home in India. 

Best Safe Lockers For Home In India

Godrej Security Solutions Forte Pro Digital Electronic Safe Locker

A product by one of the leaders in locks, locking systems, cupboards and safe lockers, Godrej Security Solutions Forte Pro Digital Electronic Safe Locker faithfully inherits most of the desirable qualities that are characteristic of Godrej. 

This home safe locker sports a uni-body hardened steel build known for its heavy duty. The locker gets enhanced safety with SS304 grade motorized bolts. The pre-drilled holes and the necessary hardware for mounting on to the wall or floor makes it a reliable product for home safe. 

The numeric keypad comes with a digital display and you can set a four or six digit password to operate the safe. The auto lock function ensures that if four consecutive passcode inputs go wrong, the safe will freeze automatically. 

If the battery has drained or if you have forgotten the password, you can also use the manual lock facility. 

This safe comes with a one year warranty and the USB charging is also available if the battery is drained or the key is lost. 

This is one of the perfect safe lockers for home you can find from a reliable brand with a long industry presence.      

Armour Mechanical Safe Wardro Series

One of the most desirable features you find in Armour Mechanical Safe Wardro Series is high precision dimple key lock. The sturdy metal body of the safe is beautifully rendered in ivory color with the safe carrying 3 months warranty. 

This safe is a great choice as a home safe since it comes with pry-resistant capabilities and the most ergonomic design to store the items conveniently and easily. 

The safe has a twin bolt locking facility for added safety. The hinges are concealed and the product weighs about 18 kgs. The product comes with one removable shelf. 

The manufacturer says the safe can be customized for any requirements. You can install the locker safely by mounting it onto the wall or floor using the holes at the bottom and back. 

The craftsmanship of the locker is based on German innovation and the computerized keys rule out the possibility of duplicating the keys. The lock is made of industry’s best 304 grade stainless steel for reliable protection. 

This safe locker can also be anchored in the wardrobe and you are sure to love the sleek design and powder coated finish.   

AmazonBasics Home Safe

This 1.8 cubic feet home safe is an ideal product for storing important documents, valuables and jewelry. The keypad is programmable which ensures easy and secure operation. The safe comes with a back-up key for emergency use

The body of the safe is made of heavy duty carbon steel build featuring 8 gauge steel door and 14 gauge steel body. You land on superior security with this safe as it comes with 2 live door bolts and concealed hinges that are pry-resistant. 

There are pre-drilled holes for mounting the safe in the bottom and back for installing the safe onto the wall or floor as per your convenience. The product is designed with DIY assembly features. 

This is one of the best safe lockers you can find in India, highly useful for securing important documents, valuables, money, gold and jewelry. 

The exteriors are rendered in attractive black color to go well with any installation atmosphere. 

Opening the safe is an easy task. You just have to enter the passcode on the keypad and then pull the handle.

Savya home Home Security Electronic Safe

The safety key override facility you find in Savya home Home Security Electronic Safe lets you program the electronic lock easily. 

The safe is operated with a digital PIN or override key as per the convenience. The lock is hidden from view with one key. 

The body of the safe is constructed with 2mm thick solid steel. The front door is of 4mm thickness to ensure additional safety. The safe has tamper-proof hinges and carpet padding on the bottom of the interiors. 

The battery can last long to support about 3,000 operations. 

You can set the security code in 3 to 8 digits using numbers from 0-9. The safe will freeze automatically following 3 incorrect attempts to open it. 

The safe locker has pre-drilled holes for mounting the safe on the floor, cabinet or wall as per convenience. 

This safe is a great option for securing small money, jewelry, and other valuables and can be used in homes, hotels, offices and on the road.   

Lukzer Combination Key Safe Box

Lukzer Combination Key Safe Box is a reliable and safe storage safe for homes and offices. The product comes with a convenient locking solution that can hold up to 4 keys of cars or the house so that you will always know the whereabouts of the keys. 

The product gains optimum security thanks to the combination key safe box and the personalized four digit combination passcode. There are over 10,000 combinations to try and you can reset the combination whenever you want. 

You can hang the safe anywhere as it is completely weather resistant. The safe sports a durable zinc construction that is die-cast and rendered with vinyl covered shackles for scratch-proof capability. 

The molded and reinforced body of the locker can easily withstand sawing and hammering. The well-built shutter door bestows the best weather, dust, grime and rust resistant characteristics to the safe. 

The safe is rust free and can last for so long. The easy to install safe can be your home’s trusted companion to secure valuables.    

Ozone Safety Solutions Tusker-10 Digital Safe

A great advantage in investing in Ozone Safety Solutions Tusker-10 Digital Safe is the 2 years manufacturer’s warranty on the locker safe offered from the date of purchase. 

This is a functional, compact and sturdy safe you can depend on to store any of your valuables for homes, retail businesses and offices. The strong steel construction comes with 2 steel shooting bolts

You can open the safe through master PIN access and the PIN code can be set between 4 and 8 digits. The high security emergency key makes it easy to operate the safe when you have forgotten the PIN number. The digital panel featuring a touch screen enabled with LCD display makes it convenient to see the numbers easily even in dark. 

The spacious positioning of the numbers rules out the disadvantages of overlapping of digits or re-entering while inputting the PIN. 

There is also an audio-visual alarm to indicate low-battery. The surface of the locker is scratch resistant and is powder coated for an attractive finish.   

Iktu Book Safe Book Style Money Home Safe Box

The dimensions of the Iktu Book Safe Book Style Money Home Safe Box are 18 X 11.5 X 5.5 cm and hence this is a handy safe you can trust in for conveniently securing your valuables. 

The best place to store your keys and wallet overnight so that you have secured them and do not have to search for them in the morning. 

The innovative and misleading design makes it difficult for burglars to locate the safe. The cover page comes in different prints. 

The disguised safe in the book form is the last thing a burglar will locate while hunting for valuables. The product comes with two keys and the ideal size is suitable for fitting inside a bank locker. 

This is one of the cutest and smartest lockers you can find if you are fine with the smaller dimensions of the product.   

How to choose the best safe locker for your home?

The purpose of a safe locker is to give you enough peace of mind by securing your valuables in the most effective and fool-proof way. A good safe locker for homes must have the following characteristics to pass your test and make way to your home as a worthy investment.

Consider what items are to be stored

In the first place, consider what you want to store and check if the model you are choosing is the right choice for the items to be safeguarded.

Size of the locker

Secondly, the size of the safe locker is the question you must solve depending on your typical safe storage needs and the space available for installing the safe locker. Remember that the size is also one of the most important criteria that will decide the price of the safe locker.   

Build of the locker 

The first thing to look in a safe locker is a sturdy build. Choose a safe locker that is made of rust-free material and can be durable. The best safe locker must be able to protect the belongings from fire and water and must be able to withstand all natural calamities.


Consider if the safe locker you buy can be hidden from view or bolted to the floor or walls so that the burglars cannot run away with the safe locker. This is a great security feature you must expect in a good safe locker. 

The next thing you must also consider is the price and how well the price of the product is proportional to the features, build and facilities of the locker.  

Technology used in the locker

The safe locker technology has advanced today and these days, you can find safe lockers that are enabled with password and biometric protection. Some locking mechanisms can also be controlled and connected via your mobile phone. They can freeze the locker if the wrong code is inputted. 

These features can help heighten the security. On the whole, a safe locker that is impossible to tamper in any way and can withstand any hazard and risk factor is the best option you must invest in.      

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