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Top Saree Brands in India | July 2021 Update

Looking for a beautiful Saree for a special occasion? Check out our list of the Top Saree Brands in India!

Women have been wearing a saree in this country since Draupadi prayed to Lord Krishna to protect her and hence, the drape of her saree became endless and sarees became a sign of womanhood, feeling protected, and beauty. And honestly, it maintains that standard even now.

It’s 2021 now, so I can’t freely say that every woman should own a saree. That would be politically incorrect. A woman would look stunning and beautiful in anything as long as she wears one thing — a whole lot of confidence.

But that being said, It is undeniable that sarees are one of the most elegant creations. It is one long embellished, embroidered, printed, weaved cloth that makes a whole outfit on its own. 

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Seeing that sarees are a traditional Indian outfit, it is no surprise that there are hundreds of thousands of sellers of sarees all around the country. In this article, you’ll find a list of brands where you can find sarees that will suit your taste. Be it material, colour, or style. From the most traditional to contemporary to modern looks. You’ll find something you like. Here’s our list of the Top Saree Brands in India.

After having reviewed all the top Saree Brands in India based on various factors like fabric, design, print, style, weave, price and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 10 brands that really stood out. Saree from these 10 brands were put through a series of tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best Saree brand in India is Anni Designer. This budding brand from Surat is known for its extraordinary prints and high-end fabrics. While the Sarees from this brand are more on the expensive side, they do have a decent range. Anni Designer’s casual wear Sarees is one of the most comfortable in the country. They use various kinds of fabric like art silk, georgette, Mysore silk, linen, cotton, khadi, Chanderi and Kalamkari.

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Best Saree Brands in India 2021


best saree brands in India
best sarees in india

Anni Designer is one of Surat’s most beloved saree brands that built its ever-growing presence on e-commerce platforms. It’s one of the Top Saree Brands in India.

The sarees are the perfect amalgamation between grace and style and are perfect for all occasions.

 Depending on the saree fabric you choose to buy from Anni Designer’s expensive list of styles they offer, you can look the best in the room on any occasion, from casual to festive.

 Some of the fabrics that they use are art silk, georgette, Mysore silk, linen, cotton, khadi, Chanderi and Kalamkari.

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Go Sikri

sarees in india for women

If you’re looking for a minimalist look augmented a tad with threads of gold, GoSikri is the one for you. Contemporary designs of plaid and simple stripes towards the bottom are made to look sophisticated by the artisans of these sarees. 

These beautiful sarees are rich in colour and texture and make you look graceful on you, no matter how you drape them. 

These sarees come in a variety of styles. Some are embroidered with fine thread, while some are traditionally woven. 

Either way, the GoSikri sarees are a 6-metre long refinery that will make you feel like royalty. It also happens to be one of the Top Saree Brands in India.

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traditional sarees in india for women
kancheevaram sarees in india

There’s no harm in admitting how fun, breezy, bright and light mimosas make you feel. 

The saree brand MIMOSA brings the same energy and characteristics into its flowy wonders. The brand specializes in traditional styles from across the country. 

They have a ravishing collection of Banarsi, Kanchipuram Silk, Patola Style and Pathani sarees. All these sarees scream festive, rich and gorgeous! 

To achieve a polished and charming look, wrap yourself in a Mimosa saree.

Satya Paul

sarees for women in india

Granted, buying Satya Paul might burn a teeny hole in your pocket, but it is totally worth it. Imagine a series of heads turning to look at you this nine-yard beauty is gorgeously swathed on your body. 

Their prints and designs are constantly evolving while exuding balance paired with abstractness. 

Minimal designs with a fun selection of colours give you the perfect indo-western look you’re searching for. 

This brand specializes in all sorts of sarees that fall well like chiffon, crepe, satin, net, georgette and tussar.

Meena Bazaar

sarees for indian women
best sarees in india

The ethnic section of your wardrobe isn’t complete if you don’t own a chic Meena Bazaar saree. Each saree is a work of art, some are even conceptual. 

The stunning designs made by the craftsmen who make these are an embodiment of aesthetic brilliance. 

From crepe sarees embellished with rhinestones to tussar sarees with beadwork on the pallu, Meena Bazaar has got it all. 

These sarees are a dreamboat that will help you stand out at any festival.

Tribes India 

colorful sarees in India
traditional sarees

Tribes India is an initiative by the Indian government to provide a source of welfare in the tribal districts of the country while giving a home to the handicrafts created by someone of the most skilled (but underrated) artisans of the country. 

Each saree is hand embroidered, making it one of a kind, unique and authentic while giving you a sense of happiness, knowing you just made someone’s day by making this purchase.

 It feels exclusive to walk into a  room knowing that the saree you’re weaning is one of a kind.


cotton sarees for indian women
indian women sarees

The Womanista sarees are the perfect amalgamation between festive and daily wear. Nothing beats the sophistication of a comfortable and stylish saree draped around your body. 

There’s nothing a woman would be short of if she chooses Womanista.

 They made sarees in literally every fabric. 

From ruffle and cotton to skilled embroidery on satin and crepe. 

Womanista specializes in faux georgette with zari and butti work on the pallu and the edges. These radiant and modern outfits can look modest without diminishing the snazziness that comes along with it.

Glory Sarees

top saree brands in India

If you want budget-friendly, glorious silk sarees, you can depend on Glory Sarees. Everything about this is quintessentially Indian. 

Their art silk sarees are a true work of art.

 They are adorned with contemporary designs that make for excellent festive wear. Walk with a strut and flaunt your style in these breathable, comfortable and stylish sarees. Why skimp on comfort simply to look good? 

Glory Sarees makes it possible to look ravishing while not losing your cool in an outfit that some might find restricting.


best quality sarees in india

The dictionary definition of Oomph is, I’m quoting, “the quality of being exciting, energetic, or sexually attractive”. 

And quite frankly, I think ‘OOMPH!’, the saree makers, have captured it well in their designs. Glamour, style and comfort, all walk hand in hand when it comes to these. One can’t exist without the other. 

The collections exhibit a solid coloured georgette saree embellished with floral motifs and bold borders. Another design showcases art silk sarees with eye-catching prints.

 The real oomph factor is the tassels at the end of most of its sarees of all fabrics, georgette, cotton or silk!


perfect blue sarees in India

Watch all your blues blow away as you have your filmy moment in your PERFECT BLUE saree. Just a disclaimer, all sarees are not necessarily blue. There is this misconception about sarees being difficult to carry and hard to move in. While that remains true in some fabrics, PERFECT BLUE  sarees specialize in casual wears that are supposed to make casually hanging in these sarees easy. 

The fabrics they pick to make the sarees supremely comforting against the body.

 The softness of the linen, the breathability of the cotton and the sheen and style of cotton silk make an excellent addition to your casual wardrobe. 

From crowded prints to minimal and solid colours, the PERFECT BLUE sarees have all styles.

Types of Saree Fabrics

While it doesn’t seem like it, the type of fabric can be extremely important. Especially when it comes to expensive Sarees. It does have a direct correlation to your comfort level.

If you wear Sarees on a daily basis then Cotton is your best friend. And other types of fabrics are perfect for those who want to wear a Saree as a one-off. For a specific occasion like a wedding. Here are the various types of Saree Fabric.


  • This is, of course, the most reliable and go-to type of Saree fabric. It has a tremendous range. From daily wear to special occasions, you can pretty much wear this anywhere. The breathable nature of the fabric makes it perfect for hot climates and it’s the ideal type of fabric if your planning on wearing it for long durations. It is also rather affordable. So, it’s the perfect daily wear fabric.


  • Silk is considered a premium fabric for a reason. Not only does it make you look good but the feel is divine. It is the best type of fabric for special occasions. Especially for night time events. It does tend to heat your body up. So, we wouldn’t recommend it as a daily wear Saree.


  • Chiffon is rather unique. It’s comfortable and lightweight. Most importantly, it looks gorgeous. However, it’s not for everyone. Most of the Chiffon Sarees come across as risqué. So, you should really think things through before you get it. It’s another perfect alternative for a nighttime event.

Top Saree Brands in India – How To Choose A Right Saree For You?

Choosing the right Saree is quite complicated. Not only do you need to pick the right one to suit your body type but you should also pick the right print and colour to suit your skin tone. If your planning on getting a Saree for a special occasion then you also need to consider the overall look. That would basically mean, buying a Saree to complement the accessories like jewellery. Usually, you need to buy a Saree to suit the jewellery as it’s not as expensive.

Other than the accessories, you also need to find the perfect design. Which is usually dependent on the following factors:

  • As much as we’d hate to say, Age can be a factor. You can experiment with a range of designs and larger prints when your younger. Specifically those below 40. A range of fabric and prints can suit you.
  • However, the older you get the more emphasis on elegance. So, those above 40 should look at simple tone with a classic cotton or silk fabric. It’s also better to choose a saree with a small print as it can come across as elegant.
  • Of course, these are not absolutes. It’s just the general trend.
  • The most important factor is skin type and body type. Certain colours complement your specific skin tone. For example, women with lighter skin can go with a lighter shade and those with darker skin can look amazing with darker shades. As for body type, you need to read up on what colours suit you. For example, those on the curvy side can look amazing in grey as it can extenuate the curves. Check out our list of the Top Saree Brands in India!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the wash care instructions for different materials of sarees?

  • Cotton sarees need to be starched so they can remain crisp and need to be hand-washed with mild detergent. 
  • Remember to dry clean all your silk sarees and to maintain thor longevity, store them in a muslin cloth. 
  • Always cold wash your chiffon sarees. 
  • Linen sarees must always be washed in cold or lukewarm water in mild detergent to maintain the softness of the fabric.

Can you list down the respective types of sarees appropriate for different occasions?

  • For big, grand occasions like weddings and poojas, silk should be your go to. Pick any from art silk, Banarasi silk,or cotton silk.
  • For modern events and parties, choose to wear something lightweight that accents your curves. Materials like chiffon, georgette and net will look phenomenal.
  • For business meetings, raw silk and pure cotton sarees that remain stiff and remain in its place look formal and elegant at the same time.
  • Finally, for casual wear, wear comfortable sarees, like that of cotton, that keep you breezy all day.

Best Saree Brands in India – Final Thoughts

It has been established that sarees prove to be an extremely malleable outfit that can be turned into the perfect ensemble for any occasion, provided you pick the right material and design. The freedom you have to design the blouses that go along with it is phenomenal.

For a bold look, you could peruse designs of sleeveless, backless, broad necks. For a traditional and conventional look, you could wear high necks, semi-long sleeves, collared or even full sleeves. It’s your masterpiece.

Owning a few sarees and blouses in the fundamental colours gives you the opportunity to mix and match and make it seem like you have an endless wardrobe of outfits that just keeps on giving. Admit it, your wardrobe would be incomplete without an assortment of sarees for every occasion. Don’t get too wrapped up in techniques to tie a saree. And with that, it’s a wrap, folks!

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