Top Table Fans in India 2022

A fan is a must-have during this time where you’re just sitting at home, exposed to the heat with nothing to do. A table fan comes in handy when you want some personal comfort at an affordable price. Getting a table fan does not need much thought as it can be bought easily. But the quality is always in question. Here are some of the top table fans in India that will ease out your hunt for you. 

Table fans in India
V Guard
Luminous Mojo
Polar Mistral 

Just when we were researching the wide range of table fans that was cost-effective, powerful, and elegant, we found a winner!

Usha Maxx table fan is the best one among the other brands in India as it performs at 400 watts and comes in a decent size. The air circulation works efficiently as it reaches every nook and corner of the room. The price of the table fan is Rs. 600 which is decent when all the features considered.

Best table fans in India 2022

#1 – Usha Maxx table fans  

Usha is an Indian brand and is well known for its super-efficient home appliances especially ceiling and table fans. 

  • This table fan is a 400-watt fan that is capable of high-speed wind and has great durability.. 
  • The blades are translucent which makes it capable of high air delivery. 
  • You can keep this fan at a considerable distance and still feel the air swishing across your face without any trouble. 
  • There is a special motor present in this table fan that keeps the oscillation constant and without any jerks. 
  • Usha offers a warranty of 1 year although we assure you that the quality of this table fan in India is impeccable. 
High air delivery. Weak grill. 

#2 – V Guard table fan 

V Guard has always come up with the sturdiest and strong electronic devices so far. 

  • This table fan from VGuard is meant for one person and has a sweep size of 250mm which makes sense since it is small and meant for one person. 
  • It has options that allow manual adjustment of the table fan which can be moved up and down. 
  • It has an input power of 40 watts which is sufficient given it is meant for one person. 
  • A knob is present at the bottom of the table fan which allows three-speed settings. 
  • The only drawback is that you cannot use it in larger spaces as we mentioned earlier, it is meant only for one person. 
  • It has a warranty of 1 year. 
Sturdy build. Cannot be used in bigger spaces, 

#3 – Orient table fan 

If you are looking for something between a ceiling fan and a table fan then this one’s for you. 

  • This is a medium-sized fan from Orient with a 300 mm to provide maximum air delivery. 
  • The fan works at extremely high speed and can be adjusted accordingly. 
  • It works in a 90-degree oscillation and has a tilting option which will work really well when you are in a huge space. 
  • The best part about purchasing this table fan is the warranty period of 2 years which we think is amazing given the reputation of the Orient. 
Good oscillation. Expensive. 

#4 – Crompton hi-flow table fan 

This table fan is especially for people looking for air flow for larger spaces. 

  • It has a sweep size of 400 mm which is enough for at least 8 people.
  • The quality of the fan is top notch which covers a really good area and makes up for a considerable amount of space. 
  • The design is very subtle and has the capability to adjust to whatever the surroundings might be without looking too out of place. 
  • The fan motor of this table fan works at an unbelievable speed and is of very good quality. 
  • It is as good as having a good air cooler at home.
  • It has a warranty of 2 years. 
2 years warranty. Can be quite large in size. 

#5 – Havells table fan 

You know Havells if you have some good quality appliances lying at home for years. That’s right, they are known for quality! 

  • This works well for smaller spaces as the fan on its whole itself is really small and compact. 
  • It does not look like a conventional table fan but it does have a reputation for being easy to handle however you would like. You can mount this on a ceiling as well. 
  • There is a special grill present in the table fan which is perfect for circulating the air through a larger area. 
  • It consumes power of 38 watts which is amazing for smaller spaces. 
Can be used as a ceiling fan as well.Cannot be used in larger spaces. 

#6 – Varshine table fans 

This is one of the best pedestal table fans in India from Varshine which works well in compact spaces as well as mildly larger spaces. 

  • The height of this table fan can be adjusted according to your convenience while also playing around with the speed of the fan. 
  • The blades are primarily made to spread the air circulation through a wider area and the circulation is always constant throughout. 
  • The motor of the table fan is made of good quality material which proves that this will be functional for quite some time. 
  • The best part about investing in this table fan is the price which is reasonable.
Perfect for four people. Cannot be used in extremely large spaces

#7 – Luminous Mojo table fan 

Luminous Mojo is known for its exceptional collection of table fans in India. 

  • This table fan has a dual tone finish and sweep span of 400 mm. 
  • The outer shell of the table fan is made up of aluminum so you have nothing to worry about it wearing off quickly which is present in most cases. 
  • The exterior look of the table fan looks super professional. 
  • The motor of this table is very much capable when compared to the others on our list. 
  • This is also one of the best noiseless table fans in India as it runs smoothly. 
Does not make any noise. Expensive. 

#8 – Maharajas table fan 

The reason this product is on our list is because of the enormous positive reviews the customers have showered after usage. 

  • The air delivery of this particular table fan is splendid as it is proven that the wind can circulate two rooms. 
  • It consumes 55 watts which is not much when you consider what it is capable of. 
  • There are a number of options available that will let you control the speed of the fan according to your necessities. 
  • The colour combinations of these table fans are very subtle and always comes in ways that can set up your home decor. 
2 years warranty. Expensive. 

#9 – Sonya high speed table fan 

Sonya is another well known brand when it comes to table fans and has only the best. 

  • This particular table fan can be used as a ceiling fan as well. We assure you that the wind speed is perfect and you would never know it is a table fan. 
  • The angles of this fan can be adjusted and made convenient according to your needs. 
Affordable. None. 

#10 – Polar Mistral table fan 

Polar Mistral has a great reputation with ceiling and table fans and has only the best products. 

  • It has a wide air flow which can target a considerable number of people inside a given room.
  • Another one of our top picks when it comes to one of the best noiseless fans in India and can work in silence and provide the best air flow. 
  • A common discomfort we face while using table fans is that it can be a hindrance when you are moving here and there. This one has good stability which does not let you slip and fall even if you were to hit it. 
Good stability. None. 

#11 – Yashwin table fan 

Yashwin is not a well known brand but works well indoors and outdoors because of its wind capacity. 

  • This comes with a cord control which has a good hold of the speed and can be adjusted according to your needs and the weather conditions. 
  • The power inbuilt in this fan works perfectly well for weather conditions in India. 
  • This does not make noise and works silently and effectively. 
  • It has a 5 star rating on Amazon which is pretty amazing when compared to the other products on our list. 
Affordable. Might be too big. 

#12 – HM hyper speed table fan 

HM is also not a very well known brand but the table fans from this brand have sure gained some fans. 

  • It has a motor speed of 2750 RPM which is pretty strong for an entire room. 
  • The blade sweep of this table fan is 300 mm which is pretty efficient. 
  • It consumes power of 50 watts which is minimal and not over the top. 
  • This can be hung on the wall and used as a ceiling fan. 
Can be used as a ceiling fan. None. 

How to choose the best table fan? 

Purchasing a table fan can seem like a very simple thing to do but there is a set of characteristics that you need to consider when you are buying one. 

  • Space 

Considering where you are going to place the table fan in your home is important so that you can choose the speed and the power of the table fan. 

There are table fans of all sizes and power and choosing an appropriate one is important and key. 

  • Material 

When we say material we mean quality of the body of the fan and even the body for that matter. This is crucial if you want something durable and safe. The position of the blades is something else that you need to consider. 

  • Noise 

While there are some table fans that are seamless, the rest are super noisy and it can be worse if it is for a smaller area. So choose the one that can give your ears a break. 

  • Air circulation 

We are guessing the reason you are opting for a table fan is so that the movement of the table fan is well circulated and gives everyone an equal amount of air. 

There are some that don’t move around but just aim at air circulation in one place. 

  • Aesthetic 

If you are someone who is particularly interested in maintaining the decor of your home you need to look out for good-looking table fans. This comes with doing a lot of research and finding the table fan with the right colors.

Table fan Vs Pedestal fan 

Now this is an important consideration to make when you are going for table fans. Comparing table fans to ceiling fans might not be much of a development given the distinct differences it has. 

A pedestal fan is a bigger and taller table fan which caters to those who want air circulation to a bigger space like auditoriums and other halls. While these are powerful, these can be quite noisy. These are not easily portable. 

A table fan on the other hand is easier to move around and is more subtle when compared to pedestal fans. These are the perfect choice if you are looking at buying it for your living space. When compared to pedestal fans, table fans are quieter and function low. 

So there! 

That is our complete list of the top table fans in India which will be cost effective and really convenient for you. We hope you choose your pick based on the factors that we have listed out for you. 

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