Where to Buy Activated Charcoal? | 2022 Guide

Have you heard about Activated Charcoal? I’m sure you have if you are here reading about it. Well, I was a sceptic when I first heard about this product. I couldn’t believe charcoal, a residue of something burnt can have benefits. Check out our guide on Where to Buy Activated Charcoal for all the details.

I first started reading about it and then tried it when I was traveling abroad. Man, has my perception changed a lot from then. The benefits of activated charcoal are amazing. It does have some risks which I will discuss too. But hey, this miracle product can actually save lives. Yup, I’m in my senses when I say this!

I and my family have benefited so much from Activated Charcoal over the years, I wanted to share it with you, and the world. So in this article, I will talk more about it and also help you guys with information on where to buy activated charcoal easily. So, Where to Buy Activated Charcoal? Read on.

After having reviewed various activated charcoal retailers and the products itself; my team and I found that:

Activated Charcoal can be purchased online. Although there are various online retailers, the most trustworthy are sellers or Amazon and Aliexpress. You can expect good activated charcoal products in addition to various deals and discounts.

Where to Buy Activated Charcoal?

If you are totally unaware of what activated charcoal is, do not fret. I will take through all the information you need through this article. I will focus on the main topics like

  • What is activated charcoal?
  • How does it work?
  • Where to buy activated charcoal?
  • Top brands you can buy and why they are the best!
  • Benefits
  • Risks

All set to be activated charcoal nerds? Let’s go!

So, Where to Buy Activated Charcoal? Well, Activated charcoal is available through online retailers around the world through Amazon, Google Express in a few countries in powder forms as well as in a pill.

Please note, a few of the brands may not be available on Amazon or other online retailers in a few countries but do check your local pharmacy. However, Amazon has plenty of activated charcoal brands on sale and is my first choice for shopping. 

AliExpress also sells activated charcoal but I have seen them being sold in powder form mostly. The powdered form is mostly sold as a teeth whitening agent. If you want it for that particular use, you can check AliExpress.

You need to follow the instructions on the label when you use it as a supplement. I recommend you pick a brand that is popular and has had third-party testing. It is always recommended to follow your healthcare practitioner’s advice in using the right product for you.

NaturaLife Labs100 capsules / 50 doses / 1200 mg
VivaDoria34 g
Nature’s Way100 capsules / 50 doses / 560 mg
Bulletproof90 capsules / 45 doses / 1000 mg
Indus Valley100gm
TONGWODE360gm Teeth whitening Strips

Top brands you can buy and why they are the best!

There are a lot of brands that you can choose from when it comes to activated carbon. I have listed out a few I have personally used. I have also mentioned the links where to buy these activated charcoal brands.


The top pick on my list of activated charcoal is NaturaLife. This product delivers 1200mg of activated charcoal per serving which is the most potent formula in the market. 

  • It is made from coconut shell and the brand promotes its usage as an absorbent which helps alleviate gas and bloating of your stomach. It also aids natural detoxification. I did have a few side effects like constipation and dark stool which was temporary. I would advise you to stick to what is prescribed.
  • The product does not contain any fillers, preservatives, artificial ingredients, or stearate. What you get is a 100% organic product. 

The product has no yeast, wheat, soy, dairy, gluten, non-GMO and free of rice concentrate making it the right choice for people who prefer vegan and gluten-free products.


The Vivadoria brand of activated charcoal is an all-in-one product that can help in aiding a body detox, as a digestive and also as a cleanser and tooth cleaner. It is made from natural hardwood and is a food-grade product.

  • I have used the product to avoid acid buildup in the body. It helped me a lot when I switched to this from my usual toothpaste for sensitive teeth. My partner uses it as a face pack and she swears by it.

I would recommend you use this when you have an upset stomach or constipation too. This all-natural, tasteless, odourless powder can also be used as a food colouring and. Yup, that’s right. As all activated charcoal products, the Vivadoria is a vegan, gluten-free, and food-grade product.

Nature’s Way

Nature’s way activated charcoal is a capsule that serves 560mg of charcoal to our body and works well in cleansing our digestive system. The main ingredients in this product are gelatin and activated charcoal. It is made without any preservatives, soy, corn or sugar.

  • Gelatin (capsule) Nature’s Way Activated Charcoal contains no preservatives, yeast, milk, lactose, wheat, sugar, soy, or corn. The product is not suitable for children, pregnant women, and women who are lactating.
  • I like it for its high absorbency and the potential to flush out unwanted gases from our digestive system. It is also a good remedy if you have bloating issues after a heavy meal.

It has helped many of my friends who have digestion issues due to gluten and lactose intolerance. With no artificial filler, it is a good remedy for tooth whitening.


The BULLETPROOF activated charcoal is a capsule made of charcoal from coconut shells. The product is backing by years of research and is made from the best ingredients.

  • The product provides a dose of 1000mg of activated charcoal which is effective for travellers like me who travel regularly. Well, I used to travel regularly and am stuck now, thanks to the pandemic. 
  • The product promotes a healthy digestive system as it is one of the purest forms of activated carbon. The process used in refining the charcoal is called acid washing which makes it a premium grade product.

Helps eliminate unwanted elements from the body which has accumulated due to consumption of processed food, and pollution. The ultra-fine processing of the product helps remove heavy metals from the charcoal. This results in maximum absorption due to a higher level of surface area.

Indus Valley

Indus Valley Bio Organic Activated Charcoal powder is an all-natural charcoal powder that can help all your skincare needs. The process of triple sifting creates a fine powder that makes it a preferred choice of many.

  • My friends with oily skin have used this product and they vouch for it. It has the ability to absorb excess oil leaving the skin clean and smooth. It helps skin exfoliation and can be used for scrubbing too.

The Indus Valley activated charcoal is also used to reduce acne when used as a face wash. It has the ability to exfoliate dead skin while improving skin texture. This multipurpose organic activated charcoal powder can be used as a teeth whitening powder too.


The teeth whitening strips by TONGWODE are made from coconut oil, activated charcoal made from coconut shells, sodium bicarbonate, propensity glycerin and carbohydrate. 

  • It aids in avoiding mild fluorosis or tetracycline staining of your teeth. The strips are a must-buy if you want to rid yourself of yellowing teeth.
  • I have used these strips and I must say they are really effective against tooth discolouration. The product has a no-slip grip and it takes the shape of your teeth.

I like the fact that you can drink water while using the strips. It doesn’t affect your speech as well. It is easy to remove easily which makes it a must-have product. 


This wonderful product from ASHOWNER brand is an activated charcoal formula that is safe and easy to use. The product has numerous uses like brightening teeth, descaling, inhibiting dental plaque, etc.

  • It naturally helps in whitening your teeth. It has nature’s best purifiers and detoxifiers instead of harmful chemicals usually found in tooth powders.

The unique formula helps remove coffee, wine, and cigarette stains which is tough to clean. You can use this powder to cure periodontal disease and avoid bad breath too as claimed by the manufacturer.

Now that we are aware of the best brands in the market, let’s have a look at the benefits and risks of activated charcoal, shall we?

What is activated charcoal?

Activated charcoal or activated carbon as it is also known, is carbon that undergoes a process to make it extremely porous. Once this process takes place, it develops a large surface area that can absorb or is ready for chemical reaction. 

To get more technical, when 1 gram of carbon is activated, and increases its porosity. The surface area is in excess of 500m2g along with 1500 m2g readily available. So when you and I ingest activated charcoal, it has the ability to trap toxic stuff in your system and helps the body avoid absorption of harmful chemicals.

So it is the usual charcoal, you may ask me? Nope, it’s not the charcoal that you use to grill food. Activated charcoal is made up of carbon-based compounds in powder form. The compounds for example are sawdust and coconut shells that are activated by heating them at high temperatures which makes them porous.

What you also need to know is, activated charcoal is non-toxic, tasteless, and odorless. Today, you can find it in many products you use daily. You will find it in toothpaste, soaps, face washes, and the like.

How does Activated Charcoal work?

To explain you all in simple words activated carbon’s surface area increases when activated. Then, it absorbs ions, molecules, and atoms of a gas or liquid of its toxicity and chemicals. Once it traps these, they will be eliminated through your feces. 

In the past, activated charcoal or carbon as far as I knew was used in water filtration. But now, the same product has different uses. Activated charcoal has emerged as a detox agent or supplement. It is helpful in emergency poisonings or to remove excessive toxic chemicals in drug overdoes. 

The absorbant quality of activated charcoal in trapping toxins has made it a top choice of ER doctors. It is usually used within an hour of poisonings and fed through a feeding tube from you throat directly to the stomach. 

What you must know is that it cannot cure all types of poisonings. As far as my research goes, activated charcoal helps your clear out alcohol, alkali, acid, iron, toxins in gasoline and lithium from the body.

It is also popular as healthy people are now using it to detox their bodies. It also helps people suffering from diarrhea, gas, and believe it or not, hangovers too.

Now that we know which are the best brands, let’s also have a look at the benefits and risks of activated charcoal, shall we?

Where to Buy Activated Charcoal – Takeaway

I would recommend cautious use of the product. Activated carbon or charcoal have many amazing detoxifier properties but not enough research has been made.  They work well with poisonings and overdoses in particular which is a good thing but you should never try and treat yourself. 

There is a mixed response when it comes to how it helps when ingested to treat diarrhea, gas and other ailments. Please avoid it if you have sensitive skin conditions and only if a medical practitioner has recommended it.

You also need to be cautious when using it while you are pregnant or breastfeeding to avoid unnecessary complications. Please take good care of yourselves and share this with friends who might be interested in using activated charcoal. Check out our guide on Where to Buy Activated Charcoal for all the details.

Benefits of Activated Charcoal

  • Can effectively treat poisoning and alcohol and drug overdose
  • Activated charcoal helps treat wounds when used in cloth patches.
  • Helps support kidney functioning
  • Helps reduce excessive gas and indigestion
  • Prevent diarrhea

Potential risks or side effects of Activated Charcoal

  • It might affect gut health when ingested regularly
  • Reports have suggested enamel wear and tear and injury to gums when used improperly on teeth
  • It may cause skin rashes and allergies in some people. The research is yet to be proven on the benefits.
  • The use of activated charcoal as a hangover cure is not substantiated with research.

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