Where to Buy Hippie Clothes

Where to Buy Hippie Clothes? | July 2021 Guide

Looking for some trippy clothes? Check out our guide on Where to Buy Hippie Clothes!

If I say hippie, what is the first thing that strikes you? Well, for me it’s long hair, free-flowing dresses, music, and bell-bottoms. The image is stuck in my head and I cannot get over it. I am talking about the 1960s here. 

It was the mid-1960s when dropouts of the Haight-Ashbury community of San Francisco created one of history’s most influential dress reform movements. They protested against capitalist society and the set rules and etiquette around clothes.

So cut to the scene today and hippie clothes are still a trend. The intention may not be the same but the use of color and the comfort of wearing these clothes are still very evident. 

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I have been exploring hippie clothes and I love them. More so, in this lockdown. The clothes make me feel so comfortable, I can just do my own thing. I couldn’t keep this info all to myself and wanted to create a list of the places where to buy hippie clothes. Take it away, hippies. 

After having reviewed all the various stores to buy hippie clothes based on various factors like design, materials, styles, price and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 7 that really stood out. Clothes from these 7 places were put through a series of tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best place to buy Hippie clothes in India would have to be Amazon.in. This E-commerce giant has a massive range of hippie clothes. There are not only find various styles and sizes but there are even designs for every wallet. Most importantly, Amazon.in has exceptional customer service and fast delivery.

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Where to Buy Hippie Clothes?


You cannot ignore this retail giant. They cater to each of us and have always done so. The range of styles and the choices they offer are unmatched. When it comes to hippie clothes, they offer the same variety.

  • I just did a random search on google, lo and behold, the collection keeps unfolding. If you are trying to explore hippie clothes. This is the place to shop. I personally liked the accessories and scarves as part of their collection. I do have a collection already and I keep buying more.

Their collection includes digitally printed shirts, long printed Maxie dresses for women, harem pants in a variety of colours and shapes for both men and women. This is just the start. You need to log in to know more. I like the fact that they stock a lot of brands known for hippie clothes under one section. It becomes so easy as a buyer. 

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These guys have a mission statement that is closest to the hippie movement of the 1960s. They believe in being a lifestyle ecosystem for the conscious. They want to enable, create and promote collaborations that help ecological and economical sustainability. 

  • This really impressed me to a great deal but I was bowled over by their collection. The colours, the cuts, and the fabric they use is fascinating, to say the least. I have just ordered a few shirts and can’t wait to try them on.
  • The online platform vajor.com is aimed at creating a mindful online platform. The company supports homegrown artists and brands. They believe in being a destination for all things bohemian and hippie.

Their range of products includes fashion, personal care, art, and natural foods too. My wishlist is growing every passing day. If you haven’t already checked them out, go explore and get your fav things home delivered.

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Hippie Shippie

This online store is a treasure trove of hippie t-shirts if you like ‘em all colorful and trippy. The Hippie Shippie collection is casual, printed summer shirts that resonate 

  • I love the funky prints and the comfort of the fabric they use. It is original, super trendy, and vibrant. They aim to be a brand that makes clothing for men, fun.
  • Hippieshippie is a venture started by a graphic designer and an artist. They know their art and have collaborated with the best across India for sourcing their fabrics. 

Their collection includes half-sleeved t-shirts, t-shirts with pockets, sailor t-shirts, and a lot of printed shirts too. Their collection is suitable for all of us who like the beach, the bar, and partying. Check out their collection to find out more.

Bohemian Dream

Bohemian Dream is an exclusive online shopping portal for women curated by a bunch of talented women. They are known for their handloom and handicraft products. 

  • I loved their collection of dresses and dupattas and have ordered a few for my partner who is much into boho. They had to be on my list of where to buy hippie clothes for representing the nomadic soul and the root of Indian traditions.

They make clothes with a passion that is drawn from bohemian themes. The team is focused on working with local weavers and artisans to bring you the best in handlooms. If you are a woman who wants to explore intricate designs and comfort, explore this platform. You should check bohemian dream for offers and more.


Vedindia is known for its colorful handspun hippie pants among many other things. This portal has something for everyone. They not only have hippie and boho clothes but a lot of variety in their products. 

  • They believe in making fashionable hippie clothes accessible to all. Their collection is for people who love wearing comfortable dresses and styles. Their collection has evening wear for women, yoga pants, harem hippie pants for men and women, and stylish trousers for everyone. 

You can also check their collection of accessories, tapestries, home decor, and jewelry if you are interested. I personally love their collection as I can afford it and the range is artistic. Just what I look for in a collection of hippie clothes. I also like the fact that they work with Indian manufacturers and wholesalers. 


Another favorite portal of mine for all the right reasons. A great platform for artists around the world Etsy brings together all their work in one platform.

  • Though I find some of the pieces pricey and will think about other alternatives. I cannot but look at the collection time and again. Their range of vintage patchwork shirts, skirts, jackets is true boho chic and I’m sure there is something for everyone. I can vouch for that. 

The t-shirt and trouser collection I find on Etsy is indeed unique when you compare it with other brands. Artist all over the world support this brand for their effort and the purpose it serves. The dresses, the patterns, and the variety are vast, if you are someone who loves browsing, this is the place for you. Do login and support fellow artists if you are one yourself.


An offline store that has the best collection when it comes to hippie clothes. Based out of Bengaluru, the store stock some of the best handmade bags, shoes, and clothes. I always thought they had a website of their own but I couldn’t find them.

  • The store is owned and managed by a couple who hand make most of the clothes themselves. The whole vibe of the place is truly hippie and I had to include this store in my list of placed where to buy hippie clothes.

I know them personally and would love for you guys to support what they are doing if you in Bengaluru or can catch them in some of the music festivals where they usually put up a pop shop.

Where to Buy Hippie Clothes? – Takeaway

Staying with offline stores, I would like to list out a few places in Delhi that sell hippie clothes and support hippie boho fashion. If you are ever there, you might want to check these places out for authentic handlooms and hippie clothes. These places stock seasonally and you will get the latest in trends, colors and designs.

  • Paharganj or the hippie capital of Delhi is a must-visit if you are passing by towards the hills. 
  • Janpath is another treasure trove of funky bohemian stuff.
  • Sarojini Nagar for the best prices and variety. You have to bargain to get the best deals.
  • Banjara Market, as the name suggests, it is a hippie market. If you are looking for handicrafts and accessories, you cannot miss this place.
  • People tree located in, CP, has the coolest yet sustainable kinds of stuff in town.

So, what are hippie clothes? 

If I have to explain it to you in a simple way, it is ecological fashion. Hippie clothes are against the skirt and trouser culture that has ingrained in our society as an accepted form of dressing. It does however have Bohemian roots as well. These laid back fashions mostly involving a combination of bright and mild colour palettes and are baggy.

The fabric and material used is recycled or use natural colors or local artistry. They use a lot of folk motifs, styles that are ubiquitous in hippie culture. The long flowing dresses and colorful ties and dyes have changed the thinking of an entire generation of people. 

Their style is impossible to ignore. They were rebels and simulated acid paraphernalia and wore recycled old clothes proudly. I get goosebumps writing this, what an era that must have been. 

The usually loose and unconstructed look of hippie clothing evolves from the hippie’s love and solidarity for Native Americans.

I was curious to know what started it all and did some digging up. I did find some interesting information and I have shared it with all of you. I hope this list will help you restyle your wardrobe if you are interested. I am sure once you explore the stores on the list, you sure will even if you are not.

Buyers Guide

Interestingly, hippie clothes come in a massive range of styles, shades and cuts. And it has an even more diverse range of patterns, techniques and materials. So, there’s actually a lot to look out for. If your a fan of the Bohemian style, then you should go for something authentic as there’s a load of knock-offs out there.

As a rule of thumb, you should look at anything that’s inspired by art or rustic elements. Specifically, folk, floral or ethnic patterns. Refer to the buyers guide below for all the details.


  • When it comes to the Hippie clothing, materials are the most important thing you need to look at after the print. You should look for anything with lace or it’s shabby cousin Crochet. If you’re going for something elegant then silk lace in white or ivory is good. If your looking for laid back rustic, then festival ready crochet is your friend.
  • Of course, cotton can be a decent material if the print is brilliant enough. You can even look for worn out leather, rattan, suede and wood. However, wood and suede are commonly used as hippie accessories. More than anything hippie clothing material needs to be really comfortable and breathable. So, don’t be afraid of looking for material and cuts that show a bit of skin.
  • A really underrated hippie material is denim. Think about the denim jackets worn by the hippies in the 60’s and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Denim with acid patches can tie a whole look together.


  • Hippie clothing and flamboyant patterns go hand in hand. So, you need to be comfortable with standing out if your looking to get hippie clothing for the first time. Although the materials and cuts are usually comfortable and laidback the patterns make it seem like your wearing a work of art.
  • While Hippie clothing is a general term but the patterns come from all over the world. For example, Trellis is a symmetrical pattern that inspired by Moroccan ornaments. It’s a tile shaped pattern and is can be found in pretty much every Hippie clothing store. Ikat is another pattern that involves dyeing the fabric. Anything you find with cool blotches of dye is Ikat.
  • Of course, there is always the go to floral patterns. Floral patterns can range from elegant to Psy art. Then there are patterns inspired by tribes across the world. Tribal prints have become a staple in Bohemian clothing. They usually come in bold and bright colours.

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