Where to Buy Sneakers Online In India? | July 2022 Guide

Wondering Where to Buy Sneakers Online In India? Check out our list of the Best Online Sneaker Stores!

Did you know, shoes were invented in 8000 BC as a means to protect your feet. They were mostly made from leather, wood and in the later stages with canvas. But if we think of it, a good pair of shoes was always a thing of value. Do you agree?

 You and I can’t even imagine a life without sneakers today. The most popular kind of shoes in our generation if you take away the boring formal shoes which some people do like, of course. It was only in the 18th century, people started wearing shoes made of rubber soles and they were called sneakers for a reason. 

The rubber-soled plimsolls as they were called earlier were nicknamed sneakers around 1917. As they were really quiet and the person wearing them could easily sneak up on someone, they were called sneakers. 

Now that we know how these sneakers came into the business, let’s find out where to buy sneakers online in India. 

WebsiteWhy buy from here?
amazon.inCaters to men, women, and kids, International brands. 
flipkart.comBest offers, Multiple choice of brands
myntra.comMost popular shopping destination, Return policy
bata.inGoodwill, Choices, Pricing
ajio.comPopular among the youth for in house brands, shopping experience
in.puma.comBrand identity, Exclusive range of products
skechers.inGraphic prints, modern designs, Popular events
zara.comExclusive designs, Luxury collection

After having reviewed all the online stores that sell sneakers based on various factors like design, range, size, availability, delivery time, customer service, and much more; my team and I found that:

The best store to buy sneakers online in India is Amazon.in. This E-commerce Giant houses one of the largest collection of sneakers both in terms of brands and sizes. Additionally, the user can easily choose the size and colour from the user-friendly UI. Most importantly, the customer service and delivery time is top tier.

Where to Buy Sneakers Online In India?


There is a reason why Amazon is the first pick for anyone who is shopping in India. The brand has always been successful as they cater to the customer. 

  • They have the trendiest collection when it comes to sneakers too. I have a choice of picking from brands across the world in one place. I also get to pick the price range I want to buy the sneakers at. I can’t ask for more.
  • If you would ask me where to buy sneakers online in India, I would suggest amazon.in. Check it out and let me know if I am right, or if I am right. 

The best part about amazon.in is they have sneakers for everyone. I can shop for my kids, my wife, my elderly folks, and my favorite international brands on a seamless website. The user-friendly nature of the website makes it way too easy. 


There is a reason why Indians love shopping on flipkart.com. Your guess is as good as mine, it is the offers. They have a huge collection of sneakers, and then they have the offers.

  • I have found brands that are a rage across the globe first on Flipkart at times. They also stock the Indian brands that I prefer for daily use too. 
  • The company makes me feel wanted. I like the fact that they send me curated emails about upcoming sales or new brands that have been added to their collection. 

The brands also offer amazing prices on Flipkart for some strange reason. It is one place where you can shop till you drop, guilt-free. So if you want to save big when you shop for sneakers online in India, choose Flipkart. 


The brand is synonymous with festival shopping in the Indian market. The festive sales from Myntra are much-awaited by serious shoppers who are looking to get a bang for their buck.

  • They also boast of an exclusive footwear range for women, kids, and men. They stock every type of footwear starting from ethic to sports and fitness. It is currently one of the trending websites for shopping in India. They host a lot of brands that are made in India and are loved by people.

One of the most important selling points for Myntra is its return policy. The brand lets you, the customer try our sneakers for fit and comfort and return it if you don’t like it. This for me is customer service. For this reason amongst many, my vote for where to buy sneakers online in India goes to Myntra.com.


The brand signifies trust in the Indian subcontinent. I remember shopping for shoes was referred to as going to Bata when I was growing up. If you know what I am talking about.

It is to date an absolute delight for some to shop in bata for shoes and sneakers. The whole ritual of going to a bata showroom may be nostalgic for your parents and mine. 

But for us, there is an online store too. The brand also lists few other brands like hush puppies that justify quality like their in-house brands. 

Another notable thing about the brand is how they cater to people with special needs, the website offers a range of shoes for them and this is commendable. 

The website has an exclusive sneaker collection for you and me. The thing that makes me go back to shopping at Bata.in is the collection of socks and shoe care products that they stock. These things make the whole experience of shopping for sneakers complete. 


This retail website from Reliance is has been growing since its inception. They are known are for their in-house footwear collections. You can refresh your style with the latest collections.

They have discount offers ranging from 51-80% right now with over 6 lakh shoes and sneakers listed out. The brands are aplenty and they cater to every occasion.

They have an outfit selection option that lets you pick an entire outfit. You can style yourself from head to toe. This is a unique selling proposition and attracts a lot of the young crowd to ajio.com.

They offer all year-long shopping experience for everyone. The brand also promises an easy return policy along with 100% assured quality. I have seen this brand grow and If you are looking for freshness, this is the place where you can buy sneakers online in India.


Well, as they say, sometimes the brand sells itself. This is true in every sense when it comes to Puma. The online store is no different from its retail store. The website is colorful and the products are well laid out. 

The collection for men, women are kids across categories like running, training and Casual sneaker are unmatched. They also stock luxury brands like the Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche & one8 Collection which makes it a one-stop-shop for people who love brands.

Their tagline ‘Forever Faster’ is a rage on the internet and the range of sneakers make it the perfect blend of fashion and sport. The brand ambassadors like Virat Kohli have always been icons and this adds to their value too. 

There is something for everyone at in.puma.com. The collection has sneakers for all price ranges. I can vouch for their designs as they keep pumping out the latest in trends like the new SH x Puma. If you haven’t already checked the website, it is time you do it. You will surely not ask, “where to buy sneakers online in India” after that. 


This brand echoes color. The graphic printed and colorful sneakers from Skechers.in are some of the iconic stuff that sneakers are made of. If the BOBS collection of sneakers won’t bowl you over, I’m not sure what will. 

They are available on Skechers.in and this range of flexible and breathable Sketch-KNIT sneakers are one of a kind. They are touted as sneakers that provide speed and power for running. I have checked them out personally in the store and am waiting for my pair to be shipped. 

If you love sports sneakers or apparel, you need to check out Skechers.in for their collection. Their online platform has created a buzz for all the right reasons.

Your search for where to buy sneakers online in India stops at Skechers.in. Check out their discount sale which is one right now. You get 25% to 60% off. 

You also get to be part of epic events that Skechers plan around sport and that itself creates a niche for the brand. The many walkathons, marathons, and the GOrun club will help you stay fit while you look good in their shoes.


The luxury brand Zara, which started in Spain has become a worldwide phenomenon. Though the brand is known for its clothes than its sneakers, you will be amazed at the quality of sneakers they offer.

I was surprised when I clicked on the sneaker collection. The designs are unique and unlike other brands that you see in the market.

The fashion brand which boasts of 2000+ stores around the world is loved by celebs and trendsetters alike.

Their online store is quite popular for the offers and also because it ships to 96 countries including India. If you want to check out sneakers for your younger brother or sister, this is the place to be. They have an exclusive section for teenagers and it is quite a rage among them. Have you checked zara.com recently? 

Where to Buy Sneakers Online In India? – Takeaway

Hope my extensive list of where to buy sneakers online in India helps you pick the one right for you and your loved ones. I will keep updating this page, so make sure you check in regularly to check the latest on sneakers.

Also, I’ve always wondered what makes a sneaker so expensive and during my research I found that:

  • It is the brand that blows up the prices.
  • It is the markup on production cost, labor that makes it so expensive before it reaches you.
  • The cost of shipping it from manufacturing countries
  • The branding costs are naturally passed on to the customer
  • The icons who advertise these brands up the prices as well as it is a status symbol more than a sneaker

So what makes a good sneaker?

This is another question I get asked a lot, so here, I have listed out the things you need to look out for before buying your pair of sneakers online.

  1. The fit – A half-inch of room from your big toe to the tip of the sneaker is the best.
  2. The shape – The sneaker should mimic the shape of your foot for the best fit.
  3. The feel – The firmness, the support, and the comfort when you walk.
  4. The sole – The thickness
  5. Traction – The grip a sneaker offers
  6. Durability – The life of sneaker

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